Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Record?

Wow, 4 posts just in the last few days. Can you tell I'm trying to catch up? If you're looking for pictures, you'll have to look at the posts below. I'm relieved not to put any on this one.

I've got a busy day of errands today including shopping for Matt's birthday, dropping off a vehicle for alignment (I think, ha!), and then my doctor's appointment. I forgot to let you all know, since it's so important, that we took my Subaru in for inspection last week. Remember all those posts last year around this time, during inspection? I wrote about how ridiculously expensive the parts were and the work needed on it. I was wanting that white horse to ride off into the sunset with my then deployed husband. We were both so upset because Matt could have done a lot of the work himself had he been home, saving a ton of money, and it was just another stressor we both didn't need at the time. Well, guess what? First of all, Matt is home this year!! Yeah, I know you know that. (Actually he's been home about 9 1/2 months now...I can't believe it, except for this little bun in the oven...umm, we have seen the onesies that say, "Product of Deployment.") We did not have any extra fees this year! I believe that is the first time ever a vehicle of mine has passed inspection with, dare I say, flying colors! I know, probably boring to you, but so thrilling for me! This time, we're dropping Matt's car off for a little wheel deal, and then we're off to my doctor's appointment. I'm really hoping to hear I'm on my way to having this baby! I wonder if the baby announcement will end up being my 100th post? I'm getting pretty close!

Speaking of baby, do you want to know our names? I'd love to share them with you. Let's see. I'm 37 weeks this week, so you should know within 3 weeks...hopefully, sooner. If I have not had the baby in a couple weeks, I will share the initials. We may end up going with an entirely different name anyway if our baby just does not look like the names we have picked out. What we do know is this: If Matt doesn't have any idea of what to name the baby, he will have to go speak with this man named Pipes. Matt had a dream a week or so ago that our baby was a girl (though he still believes it to be a boy...hehe), and apparently, we didn't know what to name her. He carried her (ohh, I can just picture it...he is sooo excited for this baby) to Pipes and asked what her name should be. After the baby is born, I'll share his response. At this point, it is so very similar to our girl name (in a round-about way), we're kind of holding onto it. Since it is similar, I told Matt if the baby is a girl, he can call her Pipes' name (not Pipes, the girl name. You know what I mean), as his little nickname for her. Yes, I'm a sappy 9 month pregnant lady. So, we have no idea who this Pipes is, but to be honest, the picture I get in my mind is some sort of giant with big muscles, haha. Actually, if you ever read Max Lucado's children's series, You are Special, I picture the wood carver...who is our Creator. Just had to jot that down so I don't forget. Sometimes this blog is a bit of a journal for me since I've neglected a personal one for awhile now.

Time for me to get busy!

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