Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Milestone

or 2 or 3...

Last night was Stephen's first night in his own room in his crib. He had been in our room in his bassinet since we brought him home from the hospital, but it's time to transition him. He had been sleeping so well consistently, so I was ready to move him a couple weeks ago. However, that was when we found out about my surgery, and so we decided to keep him in our room for a little while longer to make it easier for me to get him for night feedings during my recovery. How did it go? Really well! I fed him and put him down after 9pm, and he slept until 3:30am. Unfortunately, I think he woke up to Matt's shower (yes, he had to work today, and on overtime days he wakes up at 3am..yuck). Hopefully, he'll start to sleep through that. Anyway, I fed him, and he was awake for awhile after, cooing and fussing a bit. I waited for him to start crying since the setting was unfamiliar, but it never happened. He went to sleep and slept for another 3 hours or so! I woke him up so we could start our day. Yes, we wake our sleeping boy around here so he's on somewhat of a schedule. I took a picture before I woke him to document the big transition, and well, it looks like we'll have to make some more changes. We originally used the sleep positioner when he got sick and wanted to snuggle to try to make it feel more like he was being held. We moved it to his crib so he wouldn't wiggle too much. Well, that didn't exactly work as you can see. He wiggled down somehow. Yes, the positioner was at his sides. Also, he's working his way out of his swaddler! I'm super excited to kiss that stage goodbye. We'll give it a whirl tonight without either!

Also for the first time, Stevie let out the sweetest giggles over and over with my mom yesterday. He's only let out little chuckles before then. I hope to put some video of that up soon!


Matt and Megan said...

He looks so grown up in that picture! Congrats on a successful night!

It was good to see you yesterday. We'd love to have you guys over for dinner sometime.

Andrea said...

I agree with Megan - he looks much bigger than when I saw him just a couple weeks ago! We transitioned Laura from her bassinet to her crib right around this time - I think she was 2 months old.

...Laura still wakes up when she hears the shower! Grr! I used to be able to get a shower, get ready for work and be out the door all while her and hubby slept in (for those few early mornings I have to do) - but for probably the past year or so when I've had to do an early morning ... she usually wakes up again. Ugh!