Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Missed Stevie's Baby Shower

Yes, it's true, we missed one of his baby showers, or his welcome to the family party...since it was after he was born? It was going to be a fun day of seeing extended family and introducing them to Stevie. The poor guy doesn't even realize we missed it, but it was his party and he can cry if he wants to...or whatever. It was scheduled for last Saturday, and unfortunately, I had to go in for surgery on Friday. Great timing, I know. I basically did not heal in some regards, or heal correctly, from the delivery. So, I wasn't thrilled that the surgery did not come about till Stevie was 10 weeks old. That's about all I'll say about that. It was a bear the day of surgery and for a few days after, but I'm feeling a lot better already. I might be able to share a few funny (eh hem, funny now) stories from the day in person, but many are probably not public blog material. Umm, the hospital called me at 9:11am while I was in the car headed there, asking if I could come in any earlier. I was supposed to be there at 9:30am. ?? I certainly won't share how I tried to block back tears as my Dad prayed with Matt and I before I went I was saying, "I would much rather be having another baby." (Yes, I also gave Stevie extra kisses good bye and held in the tears before we left.) It was my first time experiencing general anesthesia...and not something I look forward to again anytime soon. It was also my first time in an operating room. As soon as I saw all the people (doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist "team!", student doctors who looked about 15...those on the bleachers, the bench, and in boxed seats...Umm, ok) and the equipment I was like, "Knock me out now!" I "woke up" in a recovery room with eyes totally fuzzed out, coughing (because they had to put that throat tube in..ick), and completely out of it. I saw the nurse across the room, and asked, "Am I supposed to try to wake up?" feeling as though it might be impossible. She asked me how I was feeling, so I told her, "I feel like I've been hit by a truck" ...and...out I went! (I think I was given that honesty serum...haha, I'm sure they hear a lot.) How's that for their scale you get asked a million times? On a scale of 1-10, how is your pain? Sorry nurses, but that is so annoying. I know, you have to do it, but I still don't know where "hit by a truck" lies. Maybe it would be easier to answer the questions, do you feel like you have a scratch? Do you feel like you've stubbed your toe? Or, do you feel like you've been hit by an 18 wheeled semi at this speed, this speed, or this speed? Ok, so maybe that's a little dramatic or... a little sick. Just poking fun. After I was a little more coherent...awhile later, I answered a bit more gently, "Kind of like after having a baby." Yes, now I'll finally move on.

Back to the party. The BBQ was still held by Matt's family while we rested at home. Later this week, a few gifts were delivered for Stevie. One in particular is helping me heal a little bit faster because laughter is good medicine, right? No, it wasn't the little grill he received. Hmm, I'm thinking that was a "Congratulations Daddy" gift. Here's the one that makes me chuckle:

You've all seen such onesies or t-shirts. It says, "Somebody in East Aurora, NY thinks I'm too cute (and I agree)." Here's the kicker: We don't know anyone from East Aurora, NY! We never got the full story from Matt's Mom about when they got it or how they got it, but she thought it was so soft, so she bought it for Stevie. I'm sure if someone saw Stevie in East Aurora they would think he is too cute, but for now, when people ask who that is, we'll have to answer, "We don't know." And because we don't know anyone from there, it just fits Stevie's silly personality. He'll probably flash that shy smile whenever someone asks. He does when people say he's cute anyway.

Speaking of the silly boy, Daddy took some pictures after bath time the other day:

He's so irresistible! Well, to us anyway! And yes, he is still worth it all!

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