Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Morning So Far

Things have been a bit busy around here. 2 nights ago, Stevie slept through the night...9 hours! Last night, he was up at 3ish to eat, and then again to start our day at 8am. I fed him, we played for a bit, and then...I made a confirmation.

I have been suspicious about salad or caesar dressing, or the combo, and his "reaction" to it. I had some last night. What do you know? He had a huge BM this morning. It happens every time! It was up to his neck. I took his saturated onesie off, hoping to avoid contact with his hair. Uh huh. While I attempted to clean him off, I noticed there were remnants on the wall! In the cleaning process, the poor boy decides to urinate. I feel awful. I didn't see it coming and because I was wiping his bottom and flew right into his face and hair! Boy, do I win the Mom Award! I try to then clean off his face...poor boy, while the tears fill in mine! I get him removed from all things mustard yellow and fill his bath. He gets excited in the first bath and urinates. I take the boy out, dump the water, and start again. I begin to wash him down, and once again, he adds to the water! Repeat 2 sentences ago. We finally have clean water, a happy and hopefully empty boy. He enjoyed his bath, sure to get him clean and wash that hair. I dry him off and notice what? A little mustard seed on his arm! Are you serious? 3 baths weren't enough to remove it all? Maybe this is a faith lesson for the day?!!

So, after the baths, I decide to take out the camera and play. I finally have a clean boy...who was happy pretty much through it all (except for the face incident). I've been telling you he has the funniest hair after baths. Well, here it is:

Mom, you said veggies would make me big and strong!

The do! He loves getting his hair combed! Even though I didn't have a little girl, I still have hair to play with!

Now, I'm going to use the bathroom myself, eat breakfast, and take a shower. Then, it will probably be time to do his cycle all over again and somehow squeeze in a trip to the grocery store! Mustard is not going to be on my list this week. Umm, neither is salad or caesar dressing. So, if you think all my posts are about poop, well, ..."So are the days of our lives." (We offer free diaper changing classes to all expecting mothers and fathers!) It's fun though...haha, usually, and he's totally worth it!


Beth said...

I think Ben peed in EVERY bath for the first six months. I never changed the water though! They say urine is virtually sterile. I seriously would have had to change EVERY bath!

Oh, and Ben definitely peed in his own face once, too. Poor little guys! :( I, like you, was focused "down below" and missed what was going on until he had already sprayed himself a faceful. It's amazing what we all survive...

You are doing a great job!!

Melanie said...

Just saw your prayer request on Mckmama's blog frog. Praying for your healing and easy resolution. I can't imagine dealing with that while trying to adjust to a newborn!!!

(A good friend of mine had complications after her first because she found out she was allergic to the material they used to stitch her up...ended up with lots of swelling and continued infection. Don't know if this is your issue, but it took them a while to figure out that was the cause!)

Oh, and your son is ADORABLE!!! Mine have all had stick straight (in the beginning) thin hair...his is gorgeous!!

Prayers for you,