Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1 Year

Precious Lydia, You are 1 year old!! My baby is shedding her baby-ness and growing into a beatiful little girl. It's taking me a bit by surprise, you growing up. I'm absolutely loving it though. You will always be my baby, but I'm so excited to have you as my little girl too. I catch you following me around the house and pulling up to stand near me, and I realize you want to be doing what Mommy's doing, and it's so brand new to me to see your girlyness after your big brother's boyishness. You love faces and baby dolls and playing with little kitchen sets other places. It melts my heart to see the girly and loving play. You hug your babies and stuffed friends so cuddly and lovingly. You make Mommy feel so good...and you make me giggle...every time I read to you, you look at me instead of the pages, fascinated by the story I'm telling/reading and smiling like it's the best thing ever! You now have 6 words. Hi, bye, Daddy, duck, ball, and Amen. Each one cracks me up. The hi and bye because of your social personality. Yesterday on our errands, your little voice rang through the van over and over,."bye. Bye. bye." Stevie got a kick out of it and joined in too. The Daddy because you say it all the time and look just like him. The duck because it's the duck from Wonder Pets, a pass down from Stevie that you like to nap with...and it's just too funny. Ball is a typical early word, but it's also your word for anything kinda round like all those plastic Easter eggs. The Amen because you interrupt our prayers frequently. You are a girl ready to eat at all times! Your first cupcake at your birthday party, you ate in probably 15 seconds flat. Yes, the whole thing. I only got like 2 pictures. Cupcakes are probably now your favorite food (Stevie requested them for breakfast the day after your party too), but there isn't much food you won't eat. You make a quick trip to Stevie's snack or drink as soon as he leaves any behind, or even before he does. Yes, you are very fast. You are able to stand on your own..you have since you turned 11 months and have taken a couple of steps but still prefer to crawl. You love to walk with the push toy (for over a month now) and now your little doll buggy we got your for your birthday. The extra bag of brown sugar we stuff under your baby to help weigh it down and hve less tipping incidences doesn't seem to bother you so much either. You like to join right in with whatever Stevie's doing or playing with. We're working on smoother and more joyful and selfless interactions in that area, mmhmm. Mostly, you two enjoy each other very much, even often in wrestling on the floor. You are a determined little lady. After refusing to take your morning nap ths morning, Mommy decided to try plan b. I got out the air mattress and we had family time with Nemo. You just wanted to crawl and play...but the bottle won you over to the sleepy side, and I enjoyed snuggling with you...as Stevie bounced and crashed into us. Your smiles, your giggles, and your sweet girly voice add so much joy and specialness to each day. I love to see you in your little dresses or your little jeans. You've been sporting one tiny pigtail for a couple of weeks, or sometimes a frilly hairclip. Your hair is growing and Mommy's excited for the ponytails and braids that await you. No matter how long your hair is or what you're wearing, you're our precious princess. We love you so much and can't wait to see what each day of this year will bring with our 1 year old. Happy Birthday, Lydia!! Love always and with a kiss, Mom

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