Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 Month Catch Up

It's been 2 months since my last post, and apparently so long, I have no idea what I'm doing on blogger...or my tablet for that matter. It wants to type this in Spanish. So, all the words not in the Spanish vocabulary are underlined as misspelled. Fun. Yes, typing on a tablet is just as much fun. We've had an intersting couple of months. We have a tablet because our little Lydia did a number on our laptop we could not save. Matt was unemployed for that time... 5 weeks maybe, so we couldn't just go out and buy another laptop even though we had the bottom of the line before. We got one of the bottom of the line tablets instead because you just can't do job searches without internet. We aren't fancy folks with fancy phones with those capabilities. I cried a fair bit about the broken computer deal, Matt not having a job, and my baby girl's 1st birthday approaching and ending...and how they were tied in together emotionally for me. I just don't know if I'm ready to get into all that and what a difficult time it was for me...for us. We are still in a difficult season in many regards. Though things didn't turn out (or haven't yet) the way I hoped and prayed, we still were and are blessed. So to explain the blessed maybe I will share a little. I don't think I have any readers left anyway, haha. This might sound a little petty or silly, but it is what it is...where I was. Easter was coming, Matt had been out of work for a bit at that time, and Lydia desperately needed some little dresses for church. In the grand scheme of things of course it's not that important.. But this was my little girl's first Easter at church (she was 1 day old in the hospital for her first one), and I ached to get her a little Easter dress. I'm not so frilly. So this is silly, but it was true. I didn't want to put her in one of her winter jumpers she was outgrowing. I cried because I just couldn't. That's when cousin Megan came swoopong in with some of Nicole's dresses to borrow...really cute dresses! Well, Lydia didn't wear one of those on Easter. My mom ended up getting her one and some shoes too. The kids looked cute, Stevie in his outfit from Uncle Andy's wedding and Lydia in her new dress. Unfortunately, the fog of stress seemed to be thickest for us that day, and it's one we'd rather forget. Fast forward to Lydia's birthday weekend, and she wore one of those Nicole dresses and looked so cute. I was so thankful to have a cute dress for her to wear to church the weekend before her birthday. Her birthday came, and simple outfits and fancy dresses have come pouring in from extended family members!! All of the cousins, and my mom who got her dresses probably have no idea what a blessing it's been...well, my mom probably has an idea. God provided when I couldn't for Lydia's needs...and even my wamts. To wrap this up, Matt is working again, and we are thankful for his job, but we're continuing to pray for something he would be more happy with. Ironically, the military might be in our future again in some capacity. We will see.

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