Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear Stephen, You are growing up and making so much progress in your speech and the way you play with others, friends, cousins, and children we don't know. Daddy was out of work for a time recently, and it was hard on Mommy and Daddy, but during that time you seemed to take off. One of our verses we had been working on was just what Mommy needed to be reminded of frequently, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him" (Romans 8:28). You don't say much yet or repeat much yet during verse time, but you get a big smile and sometimes will say "good" after me with the big thumbs up sign we make to help us remember. We may never know exactly what God was up to last month, but Mommy and Grandma have one shared hunch, that it was just the right time for you to have extra Daddy time. Maybe it was just what you needed to launch you to where you've come. We sure would endure it again for you if we needed to. Daddy was able to see you in action in your Speech and OT sessions, play with you in Kids Gym, and share your love of planes, trains, and helicopters that much more during the day. I'm so glad he was able to witness your relationship with Mrs. Drew, who we see after Kids Gym each week. Adults can be difficult for you, especially adults you don't know well. But from the first time you met Mrs. Drew, you loved her. Of course, she gives you cool stamps on each hand, but you talk with her and say goodbye. For Easter, you made her a special card with stamps all over it to thank her. That week, you ran to her desk and handed her the card yourself. I know what a big deal that was, Stevie. I was so incredibly proud of you. I know how special she is. I stood there with astonished tears in my eyes... It's as if Mrs. Drew can just reach inisde you and find the real you in there...she brings out the best in you, the most genuine little boy I know. You feel comfortable and safe with her. It's such a treasure. Mrs. Drew is a pure gift from God in our lives. You really enjoyed your first trip to the children's museum, and even interacted with some other children. It was such a fun family day, and all that mechanical stuff was right up your alley. You're so much like Daddy in that! Today, you wanted the phone. I always ask if you would like to call anyone, but you don't. Today, however, I asked if you'd like to call Grandpa. You got so excited, and said, "ok!" Well, you talked and talked and talked (and listened too). You talked with Grandpa, Grandma, Annabeth, and maybe others I don't know. You ended them with "love you too, bye.". This is so big, Stevie,.so, so big for you. Grandma told you that you made her day by calling, and you said, "ok" haha. You cried when I talked with Grandma because you wanted to keep talking. Poor Grandma had to get some things done, but she loves you so so much, she kept talking and at the end, you were satisfied and hung up the phone yourself. You must've talked for a good 20 minutes! You are just growing up so much. We pray you continue to grow in courage and strength to keep trying and keep persevering. We're so proud of you! Last weekend, I made a rough list of your vocabulary these days. You have over 200 words and are mimicking so many more and using phrases and sentences sometimes. You were even trying to play out your own Thomas the train story like you see other boys online do this week. In October, you only had 30 inconsistent words. All I have are tears of joy and thanks and praise to God for how far you've come. You're working hard and doing so well. I love you so much, Stephen Matthew. I'm so thankful to be your Mom. Love always and with a kiss, Mom

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