Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear Stephen,

Tonight I kissed you and said good night to my 2 year old little boy. Tomorrow, we practice saying you're 3!! I just can't believe it. It's a little hard for me to lose my baby boy, but I'm so excited and so proud of my 3 year old!

 Your favorite foods are chicken nuggets, anything chocolate (with chocolate chips especially), pancakes and eggs. You still like cows, and fish (like "Nemo fish") and turtles...and puppies. Trains (Thomas), trucks, and tractors occupy much of your indoor time...and yes, basketball still too.  Outdoors, you are in love with your bike that you pedal with one foot and the slide (more the fort on top of the feel so big and proud up there). You also love to run or bike on the trail by our house. You still request "Holy, Holy, Holy", and now "The Wheels on the Bus," the Fire truck song, and "Rockin My Soul" (in the bosom of Abraham), haha, you like a little soul in your music! Your favorite books are your Bible (you often request to read from it before naps), "When the Relatives Came," and any books with trucks or trains.

You have befriended the older girls in church and are showing such love and sweetness toward other babies. You've become quite the strong gentleman, loving to open the car door or house door for Mommy and Lydia. You are learning to share and often offer Lydia some of your snack or blocks all on your own.

Yesterday, you gave me a special treat. Lydia was tired and fussy, so I asked if she wanted to snuggle. You answered for yourself saying "yes" and hopped up on the couch next to me and sat with me. I told you how special that was and how much I love being with you. It's not so often you like to sit close, so I soak it in. The three of us even sat together close for oh, 3.5 seconds, until Lydia was off being busy. 

Stephen, I don't ever want you to wonder how much I love you. I love you so much! Being your Mom (and Lydia's too) is what I'm most proud of. There's no place I'd rather be than with you two and Daddy.

One of my verses for you this year, is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Each month your confidence is growing, and it is a joy to watch. God has wonderful, incredible plans for you. You aren't going to be able to do it on your own. None of us can, but with God, all things are possible!! He has already done so much through you in 3 years. You are such a gift. You can rest in Him knowing He has what's best for you in mind, He knows all about you, and He gives you the strength and ALL you need for life and godliness. What a perfect plan He has, He is, in that I can rest in that your loving and protective Mom that wishes nothing but the best for you.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Stevie!!!

Love always and with a kiss,

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