Friday, May 16, 2008

Today's Schedule and Yesterday's Blunder

Today is my Mom's birthday....Happy Birthday Mom!

I'm hoping to talk with Matt this morning. Have I mentioned he's the best? The other day he "sang" ("Good Morning Beautiful"....tear) to me over IM. Well, he typed the words, but I could hear him singing. I received some information concerning Matt's return to the states today. I was excited. Then I read it, and it was not so exciting. No "new" information. Oh well, it must mean we are getting closer though!! I go in for an ultrasound this morning. I'm a little nervous but hoping I'm A OK. What is A ok anyway...the "a"..absolutely?

I'm hoping I get out in time for Laurel's baby shower. The ladies at the bus garage where Pete works is throwing her a shower...isn't that sweet?

I need to do a little grocery shopping after that. Then tonight is a family dinner for my Mom's birthday!

Ok, yesterday, I went birthday shopping. I really wanted to get my Mom something decorative/crafty for around the house from an antique store. I spent all afternoon shopping and did not find something that really stuck out to me. I went on to plan B looking for a nice top for her. Nope, that was unsuccessful too. She has mentioned she'd really like a nice new quilt or bedspread. I didn't find a great one of those either. No, I shouldn't have shopped last minute, but I had my ideas, and I had done some shopping (or should I say looking?) a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to have to be "unoriginal." I'm going to take her out one day to craft/antique stores for her to pick something out. I think part of my problem was getting something that she wasn't particularly thrilled about, and then you can't return it. So, I was extra picky at what I saw.

Here's the real blunder part. I stopped at McDonald's on the way home to grab a snack...some nuggets. I was starving...does shopping do that to anyone else? It was too early for dinner, so this was just a snack. After I went through the drive thru, I figured I would just park and scarf them down. Then head on to my parents'. If I'm sitting in my car, alone especially, I need So, I keep the car's music on while turning the engine off and eat my delicious dollar menu snack. I finish and go to turn my car on. Umm, nothing was happening. Then I couldn't turn it "off" to get my key out. Ohhh, man. So I try shifting to different gears after I turn it "on" (but nothing is happening). I call my dad and his line is busy. I call my brother, but there was no answer. My phone battery was literally about to go dead, and here I am, stranded here in McDonald's parking lot...not to mention I'm parked next to this truck that appeared to be dealing drugs. He was waiting around, sitting in his truck (kind of like I was before I was pounding on the steering wheel). Then another guy came, and they went to his back hatch...talking low, around the other side of the truck. Well, after the several minutes of wrestling with my car, I was able to see the 2 men making a different deal...I believe one was selling a handsaw to another? They had it out and were sawing something on the other side of the truck. I don't know, but I could hear it. I was just thankful they didn't see my "distress" and try to help. Matt and I have had a couple experiences at McDonald's when we've feared for our safety. One was across town and the other was in Hawaii. Anyway, I finally got ahold my dad and he said to try moving my steering wheel (in case it was locked or whatever?). He'd come and get me in a few minutes if I wasn't back. Well, that didn't work. I finally realized, that though my shifter thing was in park, the red marker line wasn't there next to the P to tell me I was indeed in park. It was like my shifter was jammed and wouldn't go forward all the way. Then I realized the problem, after however many minutes, however many phone calls. We use one of those portable CD players you plug into the car with the cassette and a thing that goes in the lighter (I'm so technical). Well, the plug that goes in the lighter is kind of large and L-shaped and was prohibiting my shifter from locking into park. That was the jam! Hence, why I couldn't turn my car on or off or get my key out. (I don't know if all cars do that, but mine definitely does weird things.) So, I made it home, feeling as stupid as ever. Oh well.

Matt's on now!

*I love you!

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Matt and Megan said...

Hey...I'm just glad to hear there isn't anything wrong with your car!

And yes, shopping always makes me hungry :)