Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wanna See Somethin' Sweet?

This afternoon, I was checking my email and Matt signed in online. Right after he asked me how I was doing today, the doorbell rang. (I was also trying to finish the last 30 seconds of a facebook Scramble I began before Matt signed on...yes, this was a Scramble, 3 things at once). I went to the door and what did my little eyes see?


The packaging was seriously taller than my waist. I found it funny!

My man was on just before 4am his time to check on me...and the flowers. :) Yes, he also had to make his 4am bus to work, but that's beside the point! He still saved time to talk with me before he had to leave. He is the best!

Aren't they beautiful?

I know my photography skills don't do them justice, and my battery was running out (to the point where the camera kept turning off on me) so I had to take them really quickly, but you get the idea!!

So, what is the special occassion? 2 years ago today, I said, "Yes!" May 20, 2006, Matt proposed!

*Thank you so much Bubba! I meant Yes then, today, and forever more! I love you!


Matt and Megan said...

They're beautiful!

Heather said...

*tears* just beautiful