Saturday, June 14, 2008

A day in the life of...

Ridiculous Aunt Becky!

Yes, that's right, another clutsy story about me, and the lengths I go to make things special for a new little girl. If you haven't read about her yet, scroll down to the last few posts.

I woke up a little later Friday morning, a hem... trying to catch up on some more sleep. I got ready and set out to get some special things to make a welcoming homecoming for the new parents and baby. I wanted to get a couple balloons to attach to their mailbox saying, "It's a girl!"...etc. I went to the dollar store, and they only had ugly Father's Day ones. A Father's Day balloon would be appropriate, but like I said, the ones they had were ugly, and they didn't have any cute baby ones to go with it. So, I continued on to Walmart. I grabbed a few groceries, a pack of diapers for the baby, and popsicles for Daddy. The whole time in the hospital, Pete was craving a popsicle. Unfortunately, they were only available to the ladies in labor, and I think for once in Pete's life, he wished, for just a few minutes, he was a woman in labor. I decided I would surprise him with some twin pops...the ones he loves, for when they came home. I also tried to get some balloons from Walmart, but they had like 3 that were deflating in the party section, and they were Pirates of the Caribbean and other balloons not quite fitting for a new baby. I checked out, got in the super hot car and drove to Tops on the way home. Surely, Tops will have balloons! Meanwhile, I'm getting a little flustered. It is well after 11:30, and they were supposed to check out at 11. They might even be back home already. So, I tried to hurry through the store. I found balloons but no workers. I finally tracked down someone to help fill some super cute baby girl balloons. She even gave me a free plain pink balloon because somebody didn't want it. Great!...except, she was taking forever. By the time I pull out of Tops, it is after 12pm.

I have melting popsicles in the car and no air conditioning. So, anyone who doesn't have air conditioning, rolls down their windows right?? I was so smart. I decided to just roll down the front windows so the balloons wouldn't fly out. They were hanging out in the back of my outback..hehe, back of my outback. They also had these cool clippy things that weighed them down. No problem! I pull out of the parking lot and hit a red light. Then green means go! I was in a hurry, pedal to the medal Becky! In probably 1.75 seconds, the balloons had not only made their way to the front of the car but out the front passenger window! No Way!! You have got to be kidding me! I see them flying behind me in my side mirror. Nooooooo! At this point, I am soo hot, soo annoyed...and sooo late! I pull over as soon as I can and turn around. Maybe, they won't be run over, maybe? Thankfully, they had blown onto the grass on the right side of the road. There were office buildings next to that wide strip of grass, so I was able to park in their parking lot. I get out of my car and am leaping through the tall grass. What's lurking at the bottom of that tall grass? Inches of swampy water!! The balloons are in my sight, cars are zooming by....what is that girl doing? Oh, just chasing after expensive balloons in the swamp, that's all. You don't need to stop and stare, really. These things happen all the time! In the process I out-leap my right flip flop and continue sinking...running...through the marsh. (Where else is Annabeth going to learn that American Gladiator grit? Ok, maybe from the gladiators or from her mom. Hopefully, she won't learn the clutsy-ness from me. She can skip that trait.) I grab the balloons, not at all harmed in this adventure, dig my flip flop out of the sludge, and get back in the car. I laughed hysterically...and angrily at myself for being so RIDICULOUS. I roll up my windows (of course I had to now, I was NOT going swamping again!). Then it hits me!! The most horrendous frog smell, stuffy, hot, nasty frog smell. I've got swamp up to my knees and stray grass and wet mud stuck to my feet and legs. Gross! At this point, I am soooo late, but these balloons are going to be displayed!! (I had my camera with me the whole time too...hoping to take pictures of them blowing gracefully through the air on the mailbox...and I was so distracted, I never took a picture of them sinking in the swamp...would've been great for the baby book. Oh well.)

I made it to Pete and Laurel's half dead from the heat and lack of clean oxygen, swimming in a pool of popsicle juice. Don't you know, they weren't even there yet? I ring the doorbell, that apparently doesn't exist (it's broken off), but I ring it just to be sure. I'm sure they could hear me pressing a non-existent doorbell right? So, I run to the car, grab 2 balloons and let them air out...I mean, I attached them to the mailbox. I ran the diapers, wipes, and a card with the final (cutest) balloon to the top of their stairs to welcome them home. I then took the sad popsicles home to a freezer for the next time I was able to see them. (I exaggerated a bit. They were not totally melted, surprisingly, and I was not swimming in a pool of popsicle juice..but one can imagine.) Then, I took a nap.

But, all was worth it for this little girl, Annabeth Helen.

That's right, she has a middle name! After changing her name 3 times (the poor lady who does the birth certificates had to do all the paperwork over and over), they settled on Annabeth Helen. I guess Helen is after me, (if I can be so proud as to say that), which is my middle name, and Annabeth has another aunt, Aunt Helene, Laurel's sister, who was able to make it up from Virginia the day she was born. So, she is graced with God's bountiful shining light! That's what her name means all put together. And, her last name means as she's graced with God's bountiful shining light, she farms? Just kidding, ...we don't think about that part!

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