Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Niece #3 is a comin'

So, it looks like today will be an exciting day. Laurel, my brother Pete's wife, well, her water broke early this morning! I'm taking a little credit for the timing because they were over last night watching American Gladiators with me. All of the jousting must've gotten things going. There also must be something about me that the little girl already loves and she just can't wait to meet me ....or something. Laurel found out she was pregnant over at our place and she spent probably her last pregnant evening here too. Ok, so maybe it isn't "little sweet pea's" goal to meet me, but she must have a hunch she'll be spoiled. She has her cousins, Hannah, Abby, Jacob, and Nathanael to meet too. I already know her middle name, I guessed it, but I could NOT figure out that first name. I like to research and guess about things, (right Matt?), so they gave me the meanings of both her first and middle name, so I could try my hardest to figure it out. The only obvious possibility I can come up with is dearly loved Earlene....the feminine form of Earl? They say that's not it, but I know they are just trying to keep it a surprise since I guessed it right! Ok, so I'm about 100% positive that's not right, but it's a bit of a tradition in our family to give unpleasant/silly nicknames to the babies before they are born, so we can enjoy the beautifully perfect names picked by their parents after. Hopefully, we'll know soon!

Here's the dad in his younger years, and yes, the chubby cheeks are mine.

I don't have any little Laurel pictures, so here's one of us during Cross Country at Roberts. I figured I might as well have pictures of the parents and I since I've had such a role in all this.....just kidding!

Ok, one of the 2 on their wedding day almost 2 years ago! Also, with Laurel's sisters, Elizabeth, Helene, and Amber.

Ahhh, I need more/better pictures on here! This is what I have right now, and I can't make it any bigger. It will have to do. I hope to post pictures of the 3 soon!

Hooray for a shorter post, huh!?

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Andrea said...

Yay!!! Keep me updated! Can't wait to hear the name. Earline just is... well... I hope that's not what they chose, but if they did... tell them it's great! ha ha ha!

Oh, you asked about our cruise... it's to the southern carribean for 10 nights... can't wait!!!