Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ok, so I guess you're looking for more pictures of that sweet, new baby girl, rather than pictures of a girl wearing running shoes with her wedding dress and her dad on a rocking horse. I get it! I think she agrees!

I'd gladly claim any of my nieces and nephews as my own...but alas, they are my brothers' and their wives' children. I am just a proud Aunt. Here are a few more of Annabeth and some of the other cuties!

3 Beautiful Nieces! Abby, Annabeth, & Hannah...the day Annabeth came home

And all-boy, nephew, Jacob! He has been so cute with the "baby"

Nathanael and Annabeth

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Andrea said...

Awe! SHe's so tiny! It's like I don't even remember when Laura was that little anymore.
I'm so happy for you that Matt will be coming home soon! Will you stay on base there with him in CA? He doesn't have to go back overseas again, does he?

...and keep season 3 as long as you need... we jsut watched it before passing it to you so we're in no rush to get it back soon - just sometime before my Laura is big enough to watch them :)