Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just to Reminisce

Because it was our anniversary, I have to file through some wedding pictures right? So the pregnant woman is a little sappy these days. At least this post should mostly be pictures and not a book like I usually write.

I will never forget the way my groom looked at me.

And, do you know what else? We had another anniversary too. We were married 2 years on the 16th, but Matt had been home for 3 years on the 14th from the Marines the first time, officially beginning our relationship. So, two last pictures to represent that time...and yes, Matt is in that awful suit that almost determined the end of our relationship. Notice the way I'm standing...haha, oh dear, I was thinking, what have I gotten myself into and how do I get out?? Well, young Becky, the biggest blessing of your life, your partner, was led to you by your Creator at this time. Now, hang on!

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