Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow's the day! It's Christmas Eve and the day of our ultrasound! I can't wait to have more pictures to post, and a VHS tape to watch of our baby. Now, let me get this straight. We can see my baby in my womb in great detail, tell whether it's a boy or girl, but they have not become technologically advanced enough to upgrade to DVD? I even have to go to a different place other than my doctor's office where I had my other ultrasounds because... I don't know, they have better technicians and a VCR? Oh well. Any thoughts to make that switch over so it will last? We sent in tapes from our wedding to Walmart, but I think it was like $40 to put them on DVD.

I think the baby will be a surprise, unless the baby wants to flip at the right moment and give us a surprise of his or her own, or if the tech slips up. I'm still super curious, but I know I'll be happy in the end waiting. I tested this theory out a bit. I gave Matt one of his Christmas presents early, on our anniversary. It was a tool I was very excited to give him, one he hadn't even known about! (He loves working on cars and fixing things.) He loved it, but I was disappointed after I gave it to him because I ruined the surprise. I should've waited. I am such a goof. I may spoil the surprise tomorrow anyway...you know, spur of the moment yell out,"Oh, just tell me!" We have also considered having the tech write it on a slip of paper and seal it in an envelope to open on Christmas morning. If we do that, we will definitely open it, unless it's destroyed! We'll know tomorrow!!

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