Friday, February 15, 2013

Preschool, Letter F Week

We've been consistently using "The Memory Bible" book by Stephen Elkins for our verse and Bible lesson.  The verse was "A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17  The story for the verse is Jonathan and David.

We made our letter F into a fish this week.  The website we usually use for the letters make it a fox...and I didn't think it fit super well with being a good friend, haha, so we made it a fish.  It isn't super great, but Stevie looked at mine and said, "fish!"without any I called it successful.

We also read some nonfiction books about fish through the week. Then Stevie colored the fish in this bowl.  He had to color it orange like a "clown fish."  Thank you, Nemo!  (Yup, a sprinkle activity.)  We also focused on and reviewed the fins of the fish...because they start with f, and of course they are interesting.

I especially liked the bottom book, "About Fish" because the author dedicated it to the One who created the fish.  Super awesome in my book, and I pointed out the dedication to Stevie, and how right it is to give glory to God for all that we do because our talents and interests and all of creation were gifts from Him!

Here are some more sprinkle activities:
*Play with play food...and eat real food, Ha, that was a tough one!
*We started the week visiting a farm open to the public.  It was wonderful!  And, it was lined with beautiful wood, white fences, which start with f.
*We visited the fish section at Walmart...honestly, we do that frequently.
*I'm pretty sure it was this week Stevie picked me a flower while we were out playing.  He found a few drying up daisies and picked one for me!  Daddy's teaching him well!
*We got a fire truck movie from the library....and we watched it a lot.  A lot, haha.  I went on to do some research after because it focused on a station in NYC in the 90's or early 2000' memory is failing.  This station lost a number of firefighters on 9/11.  It is still so heartbreaking and my heart and prayers go out to the family members and friends of those lost at that time.  We will never forget.
*We talked about those who are family and friends (we put the family picture from last Christmas in our letter box).
*Stevie was in love with that little batter-operated fan from Matt's old job.  Of course he liked being in control of the on and off buttons, but it shows a moving sentence in blue lights when it's blowing.  It really is pretty cool!
*We checked out other F books from the library to go with other F words.
*As in each week, we prayed for our "F" family and friends.

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