Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine's Day

This sums up our Valentine's Day:

The kids received a wind-up fish and shark for the bath tub.  Thank you, Target dollar bins!  They work great, but the paint is chipping off the fish.

From me and the kids to Matt:

(He is actually really hot, but "soda" had to be in there somewhere.  Pop is our treat of choice around here.  We're not coffee drinkers...just pop drinkers on occasion, Dr. Pepper (or Dr. Thunder) and Cherry Coke variety.)

From Matt to me:

(Yeah, we're so cheap I get to use cold water. Nice one.) 

These are Crayola Window Crayons.  I actually was planning to put some in Matt's stocking for Christmas.  I couldn't find them at the store, and one day totally randomly, my Mom gave me some kids' songs cassette tapes and cd's, and those window crayons!  Horray!  She didn't even know where they came from and had no idea I'd use them...let alone the fact I was looking to buy some, and so Matt got free window crayons in his stocking.  They are just for cheesey (I mean passionate) messages back and forth on the shower, the mirror....and someday, probably something more private.  We are a one bathroom family, so the kids might not be crazy about it one day.

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