Friday, February 15, 2013

Preschool, Letter G Week

Our verse was, "A gentle answer turns away wrath." Proverbs 15:1 The lesson was about the woman to be stoned who was brought to Jesus and his response to them in John 8.  Jesus is so amazing with his responses...especially to those trying to "get him" or "catch him"...when he is never doing anything wrong!  I have so much to learn!

We made our letter G goat....though afterwards, Stevie called it a giraffe.  Well, I suppose that works too, haha.  It might make even more sense because it looks like it has a long neck!

This was one of my favorite weeks so far!  We didn't have many toys or real objects around the house for our letter box, but we had some great or fun books....and time to celebrate Grandparents!  I forgot to take pictures of the books this week, but I wrote down the ones we got.  

We read "Gus and Grandpa Ride the Train" by Claudia Mills.  Stevie loved it, and I did too!  This is a series of Gus and Grandpa...and they are early reader chapter books.  I loved the topic of trains and Grandpa (Stevie loves both), and I loved the little things added to reinforce obedience, forgiveness, trust, patience, and love.  I can't wait to read more in the series!  It is unfortunately rare to find "good" books at the coming soon.

We read "Here Comes Grandma!" by Janet Lord.  This was sort of a silly book about a Grandma 
coming to see her grandchild.  She drives, she takes a train, she skis, and on and on to get there.  Grandparents will sure go through hoops because they love their grandchildren!

We made these little hand-prints for the grandparents for our craft activity.
I found the little saying online, "(Grandmas...) hold our tiny hands for just a little while but our hearts forever!" This isn't a regular sized piece of paper (poster cut in half) but yes, my son has big hands, haha.  He has big hands to do big work!  I've always said he's going to walk ME to kindergarten.  He's tall now and no doubt will be when he's grown. :) We also sent a little note with traced G's saying we love them and prayed for them this week. Tracing letters is brand new for Stevie....tracing anything really is.  So, I tell him his crayon is the train, and he needs to follow the tracks (the dotted lines).  It's enough for him because he loves trains!

We also read Patricia Pollaco's creative book, "G is for Goats."  It goes through the entire alphabet using words relating to goats.  It made Stevie want to go back to the farm.  We made this sheet afterwards from a teaching book I had.  There are G objects to color and cut and put in Goat's Garden.
(I helped him trace this G.  He does pretty well actually, but this was one of his first ones ever, so it was my hand doing it with his....if you're wondering. ;) ) He wasn't so enthusiastic about coloring that day, but the glue was good!

Some sprinkle activities:
*We checked out a book about garbage boy is sooo into vehicles.  We also played with his toy garbage truck.  We have a Mighty Machines Garbage Truck movie too.  Those are some of my favorite truck movies...Mighty Machines.
*We pointed out things that are green.
*We watched Canadian's that season!  They are some of my favorite creatures.  If you don't know much about them, check them out!  I even wrote a children's book about them for college.  
*Glue!  There was glue in our box, but it had been taken out to be used.  Stevie loves to glue!

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