Friday, February 15, 2013

Time and Motivation

I've been lacking some of that lately in the blogging department.  I opened my page up the first time since my last post in November, and I was surprised!  I didn't think I had been on here since October.

We have been busy, and frankly, I just haven't wanted to write.  Matt's taking a class this semester (I'm not so secretly hoping it's his last one ever), working at his old job, and starting a new company.  This usually means extra long days without him.  Stevie's busy with his therapies, and we are trying to knock those down.  We now are down to 4 days a week instead of 5.  We are all super excited about that!  We're hoping to make some more changes as well.  We have SO many decisions to make right now, and it's been a little overwhelming.  Preschool has taken a little bit of a back seat for Stevie.  Again, he's 3 1/2, so no biggie, but he's working hard in his thearpy sessions, and I want to be sure he still has 3 1/2 year old little boy time of play and fun without too much pressure on him.  As a proud Mom, I have to note, Stevie is able to identify ALL of his letters...and even say for example, "H" is for Horse (or "Harold the Helicopter") sometimes.  We still do some "school" and though my last school post was Letter G, we are actually approaching P week.  P for Potty!  Our break week will consist of lots of potty and prizes!  (Yes, I've built up a basket of prizes and a chocolate jar for this occassion.  He's so determined not to use the potty that we feel like we need to pull out all the stocks.  Please, tell me how I'm doing it all wrong in the comment section.)  Anyway, I may not be around much once Monday rolls around. :)  A few weeks ago, our house was hit with one of the yucky bugs with fever and snot and crankiness.  Then a week after getting better from that, Lydia had pink eye.  Stevie's decided sleep is for the birds, and Lydia's jumped on that bandwagon as well.  She was talking about cows, tractors, dogs, and balls from 3:30-6:30 this morning.  She hasn't joined us in bed since she was maybe 7 or 8 months old?  I guess she thought she was due.  After all of this exciting conversation (one-sided), I began to wonder if she was hallucinating.  She was pointing in the air at stuff.  She finally found sleep with her face smushed uncomfortably into my cheek bone at 6:30.  Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Lydia.  Stevie's new wake time appears to be 5:30 these days and naps...well, they've been disappearing.  He used to be my good sleeper!  That leaves me....As for me, I've been living life with my family a little more tired than usual, ahem, and reading some blogs (only 2 or so very regularly) instead of writing.  I guess I've just been in that "quiet" place a bit.  Matt and I are in a phase of change...probably otherwise noted as "growing" by some wise people.  Apparently, we like to grow a lot ...because it's been a crazy, hard, wonderful 6 years together already.  (Oh yeah, my blog title.)  I think I'll share about a very new adventure we are pursuing in it's own separate post. 

I guess after my 3 month hiatus, I want to get back into writing again.  We'll see how my time management changes with my motivation.  I'm sure you're all dying to know how we celebrated Christmas and Valentine's Day...because we do gifts and surprises like no one else we know.  You might want to have a pencil and paper ready to record our awesome ideas...or better yet, since it's 2013, a Pinterest board reserved for them!  Umm, just kidding.  Anyway, that's next!

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