Friday, February 12, 2010


SM. S.M. stands for SuperMan. Ok, it really stands for Stephen Matthew, but no, it really is SuperMan. (He lucked out on that one. His Dad's are M.S. the military his coveralls said MS Hakes...Ms. Hakes, um, yeah, he was given a bit of a hard time.) When Stevie was little-er :), he just had this look that said, "If anyone looked like Superman as a wee one, well, it would be me!" Sometimes he even had the little "S" curl on his forehead.

The boy is strong. There is no getting around that. He's incredibly strong. Everyday, it seems, he lifts something else, a heavy something else, over his body and head. It baffles me the strength and lack of fear in the boy. His little steering wheel driver toy (heavy plastic with batteries) has klunked him in the head a lot. Sometimes it bugs him. Other times, hey, it's part of the territory when you're so strong but not incredibly skilled yet.

Yesterday, my brother Pete was watching him (or rather, being entertained by him) for a few minutes while I was switching laundry. I came back to my happy boy and started folding laundry. Pete was still sitting by him. Then he says to me, "Do you want him to have this?" and Laurel is saying something like, "Oh my goodness!" (in pure disbelief). I look over, and he has grabbed one of his uncle's old, old semi trucks. They are old and heavy, as long as he is, all metal, and not safe. Stevie was lying on his back (still his play time position of choice) holding one over his chest and head. Yikes! I wrangle it out of his arms and explain that he commonly seeks out the biggest or heaviest thing he can find in a room...will grab it...and pick it up over himself. He does this with the laundry basket, his bath tub, ...he'd try his swing if he could. He goes under and pushes the seat part up and swings it...

(He's faster than a speeding bullet.) We're still working on the "leaping tall buildings" part.

He's humble too...when the camera comes out, he's more of a Clark Kent type. "What? I didn't lift it."

He's a big boy. We weighed him a week or so ago. 22lbs 4 1/2oz. He's long too, but I'll get that measurement at 9 months. At church last week, my mom carried him around while she greeted people. A visitor walked in who has known my parents for years. He looked at Stevie, and mom introduced him to the man, and then he said, "He's cute! What is he about 18 months?" Wow, 18 months, really? Umm, he's 18 months minus 10! Here's a picture with Pete and Laurel's little girl (yes, she's petite). Rockin' cousins. Stevie 8 months, Annabeth 20 months. Looking at their sizes, they could possibly pass as twins.

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Matt and Megan said...

I realized today that he may be learning these skills from his daddy. On more than one occasion I watched Matt lifting Stevie up over his head. Like father, like son.