Monday, February 15, 2010


...I see myself in him. These aren't the best pictures for similar faces...but do you notice any other similarities? Like the arm/hand thing? He had been looking up at the camera the same way at one point too.

He has several of Matt's features too. When they are both looking in the same direction, their profiles are SO similar. Pictures to come! And get this...I'm thinking Stevie is going to be more on the blonde side this summer like his dad was as a boy. Remember how dark his hair was at birth? It is so amazing how Stevie is the combination of us both. What a miracle!

My little Valentine buddy yesterday (Yes, taken in the bathroom...getting ready for his favorite nightly activity, bath time.)


Andrea said...

Laura's hair was totally dark when she was born too, but look at it now, totally blonde! It's so cool when you catch glimpses of each other in your kidlet, huh? I am so excited to see who our new little guy looks like...!

Beth said...

I do see some of you in him! I think it's in the eyes? I don't know. Cutie pie for sure!

And I love how he is growing! What an adorable little chubster he is! Ben was ginormous, I always felt like he was an armful. Matt seems so much smaller to me.