Friday, February 26, 2010

Some thoughts

I'm not very creative when it comes to blog titles, especially for the posts that have random thoughts thrown down. Hence the title, "Some Thoughts."

Anyway, some day we'll get a good family picture where Stevie is smiling. This will do for now. We all were a bit tired (and cranky...perfect time to try to take a family picture, right?), so I'm ok with the result. How 'bout the little acorn? Call me cheesy, or nutty (oh, I crack myself up), but I think it's cute.

I'm pretty excited! I won yesterday! Well, I was able to buy something from ebay. I'm a newbie at that. Is "won" the correct terminology for ebay? I guess they did send the email saying "I won." Whatever. With 19 seconds to go, I placed my bid for a Mei Tai baby carrier. Ok, so the one I won (I had to retype that a few times...the won I one, haha) isn't the name brand. It's an off-brand, but I'm excited nonetheless. Hey, it was half the price of a real one. Hopefully, it holds up. My boy is getting ridiculously heavy, and he still likes to be toted around. Stevie your 8 months, will you walk already? Ok, just kidding. I hope he doesn't wear the carrier out before baby #2 makes it's way. Just thinking about carrying my big boy around with a big belly. Yikes! I can't wait to hear how big he is though. His 9 month appointment is in 2 weeks. Matt and I both think he's going to be a decent sized boy when he's all grown.

That brings me to my next thought. This week, I could barely turn the grocery cart full with Stevie and my groceries around the corners. I must have been a sight. Swinging wide was an understatement. I was pulling with my abs and arms with feet sliding. Part of it was probably due to the fact I didn't care to organize the groceries in the cart. So, they may have placed in a way that would be easier to push. Regardless, I really need to do some serious weight lifting. Somebody send me a shake weight! I have to start small. I have also noticed I started sticking my hips out while holding be able to hold him. If I add a pregnant belly to the mix in the future, I'm going to have a very curved back. Anyone have specific exercises for "Mom-strengthening?" You know, for all those muscles for lifting, carrying (inside the belly and out) your kiddos? I am very serious that I need it. I'm sure something is better than I'll keep working with my dollar store Australian man workout dvd. I think I need more for my back though.

On a completely different note, we have been house hunting. It's been an experience to say the least. We've had our share of laughs already. That's probably all I'll say about that until we get one, whether that's tomorrow or 50 years from now.

Oh, and I'm about to dip my toes into cloth diapering. That's a pretty picture. What I'm trying to say is we're thinking of giving it a try a soon. We hope to be able to try it in a few weeks. I'm treading lightly with no guarantees. I have been doing research on it since before I was pregnant with Stevie. I have finally found the one I want to try. It's the Flip system. I'm sure there will be more to come on that adventure.


Matt and Megan said...

Ha ha...I just saw a commercial for the shake weight and thought of you!

Congrats on your win! I'll be curious to know how it works for you!

Matt and Megan said...

Oh yea, and I also thought the acorn was cute :)

Beth said...

Good luck with the cloth diapering! Keep asking questions and looking for answers - it REALLY isn't as hard as it seems like it would be.