Thursday, February 18, 2010

"To the end of the road"

Matt and I have spent so much time traveling in our relationship. He was in the military (and on leave) when we met. Within a couple of days, he was flying back to Hawaii where he was stationed. I heard a rumor that I might get a letter from him that summer. I was in PA as a camp counselor...waiting. I came home and started my next semester. Then I received his phone call (well, message on my parents' answering machine no less). From there, the emailing, phone calling, and instant messaging with web cam became a daily occurence. That December, he came home thinking the military life was behind him. We officially started our courtship and much of that time was spent driving around, talking, and dreaming. I felt so safe with him driving. (Even though one time we hit a guard rail, haha...a story for another time). In May, we were engaged. The next December we were married and travelled by car to our humble honeymoon location with the Just Married sign in our back window. We explored that area and just enjoyed our time together. We always did...we always do. More travelling was ahead of us, as we learned in March, Matt had been recalled to the military. Heartbreaking in so many ways for us, but we treasure the experience nonetheless. We spent the summer months, driving, talking, dreaming. In October, I saw his plane take off to California. Unable (not allowed) to go, I waved goodbye with the most hurt ever. We talked by phone, emails, and instant messenger whenever we could. I visited twice before he deployed, and the next 7 months following those visits were the longest months and days in my life. But, we were in this together though we were so far apart. When it was time for his arrival back to the states, I flew out to CA to welcome him home. That was like walking down the aisle all over again. I love that man. We drove, talked, and dreamed across California. We came home. We moved. We had our baby boy. We've been through a lot these 3 years of marriage, but life is moving ahead. We still go on dates (sometimes the 3 of us), driving, talking, dreaming. I love you, Matt, "to the end of the road..."

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