Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear Stephen

Dear Stephen,

You have been experiencing the "outside world" now for 11 months. I really think this is my favorite age of yours so far. You are such a joy! In many ways it is more difficult though. You are becoming more bold, you are exploring so much more, you are getting into many more things you shouldn't be, and you are expressing your will more. We hope and pray that boldness will shape into fearless God following. We hope your curiousity continues but you seek out things that are good, and true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. And, we also pray that as you grow your desires will yield and be molded by God's desires.

You are often a very happy boy. I certainly would not trade that! You still wake up cheerful, with your hair curling around your head, lips forming a rested grin, and your chubby little hands rub the sleepiness out of your eyes. Once the sleepiness is rubbed away, your energy often comes out in full force. You race-crawl to one end of the crib to the other and pull up to your knees on the crib bar. You nuzzle into your burp cloth (your nap blanket) and blankets...or pull the blankets down from the end of the crib and laugh. Speaking of nuzzling, you still favor your cow stuffed animal, and every time you go to him, you smush you face into him or give him a huge hug! Then you sort of wrestle him on the floor. It's extremely cute. Last night, you saw your beloved cow in your pack and play, and you cried because you could not get to him to let him out to play. Don't worry, Mommy came to the rescue.

Another milestone is checked off the list! Yesterday, you pulled yourself up to your feet for the first time! I find it amazing that when you learn something new, it just seems to click. You do it over and over again like you have been doing it forever. I think I counted at least 6 times yesterday...and you first pulled up sometime in the afternoon. You've also been sitting back on your knees sometimes. Pretty cool, little man!

You are probably most content any time you are outside. We could spend all day in the stroller walking if you had the opportunity. As we walk up and down the driveway, you like to watch the tree leaves and branches sway in the trees, the neighbors' dogs and cats, and especially the cars and trucks that go zooming by on our busy street. I am really looking forward to having a more suitable place to go for walks with you! Last weekend, you did alright mall walking too! Daddy strolled you down the halls of the car show while Mommy did a little wedding shopping. Then I took the stroller because Daddy's too tall for it to be very comfortable. This little orange umbrella stroller is not the finest of all strollers, but it was a hand me down we didn't need to pay anything for (we're very thankful for that), and it does the job. But, when Mommy pushes it, sometimes the wheels go a little funny. You find it hilarious every time the wheels suddenly get stuck and swerve you one direction to the other. I would imagine it is similar to a jerky roller coaster for you....but you couldn't be happier as you whip around and your hair blows back.

Food. You still like any food you are given. Sometimes you shy away from the green veggies, but once they hit your tongue, you remember how good they are. You have had fruits and veggies (jarred food and what we eat), crackers, breads, cereals (baby and regular), Puffs, graham crackers, a few goldfish, some meat (real, not jarred) and meals....and some of an oatmeal cookie at Grandma and Grandpa's. Mommy caved and let you have some of her cookie because it was a "healthy" cookie. Grandma still doesn't believe that's the only dessert you've had! :) Boy, did you enjoy that! We're gearing you up slowly for that birthday cupcake...which is coming in 1 it will taste that much better!! Cheerios are still suitable snacks for you too. They are yummy, but more than that, they are super fun to shoot out your mouth. You have perfected the Cheerio shoot in the past couple of months. You blow them out and watch them fly (they do ever so much better than your Puffs)...then look down at the floor over your high chair to see where they landed. I need to get that on tape sometime.

Our days are getting busier, but I need to write these things down before I forget them! I love these days. I love our time together! Most of all, I love you!

With love and a kiss,

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Termer Updates said...

Becky, you are doing such a beautiful job of capturing these moments for Stephen. What a treasure this is and will be!
Nancy "Kurtz" Termer