Friday, May 21, 2010

Us Moms Really Think on our Toes

....or whatever that saying is. So, here's the deal. I was tired the other night. Stevie was a little too, but he was a bit on the hyper side. He, like usual lately, was wanting to get into everything, and I was ready to stop chasing him around for the evening. It may not look like he was everywhere just before this (the camera sometimes has that effect)...but oh, he was.

What else was there to do than this? -Put a cup on my head while I relaxed, so Stevie would stick around...and share some laughs too. Some days, I may look like I'm losing my mind. No, we're just having fun. Ignore me, and enjoy my boy! I especially like how Stevie is tired and laughing so hard he's toppling over.

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