Friday, May 28, 2010

Random thoughts

...because I don't like to use MckMama's "Stream of Consciousness"...for whatever reason.

We've been busy. Hence, the lack of posts lately. I put in hours upon hours into Stevie's 1st year photo book. It's amazing because I spent so many hours, and it will definitely not look like I spent hours. I need a photo book program that allows me to arrange the page layouts instead of providing the given options. Those are nice but limiting. I had a coupon for a free one, so that was nice...until I put 16 more pages in it than what was free, but I only had to pay for the additional pages (and shipping and tax). So, it all worked out. It's ordered, and I hope it arrives for his birthday.

Stevie's 1st birthday is 1 week from today. Wowzers. It's definitely bittersweet. More sweet than bitter, but I just miss my little baby. We're going to have a family party for him. Ohh, the party.

Can I let loose on some frustrations? I want to enjoy preparing for his little party, but there is a big road block. We are in the process of moving...buying a house, whatever. The closing date is still not set...even though we are past our "tentative date." That is a little frustrating. I understand it happens, but the timing of it all right now is not so hot. We were supposed to be moved in to the new place by Stevie's birthday party. Because of all this uncertainty, I had to send out his invitations saying our new address and underneath a little asterisk with my parents' address in case we are not there yet...which previously thought, would be a little ridiculous not to be there yet. I'm tired of this and have so detached myself from any excitement that I'm not sure how worth it this deal is going to be. Hopefully, I change my mind if this deal does go through. Don't get me's a beautiful house and there were many things I looked forward to about it. It's just that we have been gracious through the whole process...but things are getting out of hand (as I see it in my inexperienced eyes), possibly because we have been so gracious? So...I know. I need to not let this get in the way of trying to celebrate a wonderful first birthday! It's time to suck it up cupcake, right? He won't care where it is or if his invitations have white out all over them.

So, Stevie's party. It's farm "themed" because Stevie still loves cow things. He likes the plates, napkins, invitations, personalized placemat (ha!), and greets them with a huge smile and "Hi!" Yes, there's a cow on them. They are very cute, but not as cute as my boy. A-hhh, I'm feeling better already from the previous paragraph. I am going to attempt to make a barn cake. Pictures may or may not be posted of that attempt. Ahem. I'm no Betty Crocker. My cooking show as a young girl (Cooking Witb, Witb is not my typo...but my brother's on camera, and it stuck) consisted of play doh and water ...and toy cookware...and a giant apron, my mother's old high heels, some singing and whistling, laughing and bloopers. I don't know if I'm going to do a trial cake. I was planning to, but then we got this hot weather, and well, I didn't feel like cranking that oven up. Now, we're so close, there's no way our family will eat all that cake just to eat another one next week. Umm, I don't even really like cake. I'm sure Stevie will enjoy it no matter how it looks. Are there any bakers out there? When is the best time to bake the cake and cupcakes? I'm thinking of doing the cupcakes the day before, but the cake? How do I work this? The idea is the cake will be out of the pan when all is said and done, something never attempted by B...(no, I will not share the beautifully perfect picture example on the Betty Crocker or whatever website to help show what I mean...because once you see my version, it might make Betty feel badly about hers or something) so I want to keep it fresh. Hey, I already admitted I'm no Betty Crocker ...or Martha Stewart. (Random thought within the random thought: I just realized I said Betty Crocker a lot so I added Martha to the mix.) If it turns out terribly, well...there's always ice cream cake...and that I do love. Thank you for the back up, Carvel!

Oh, speaking of Martha, I have been working hard on another project. I just had to have a family name sign a couple of months ago. When things were moving along with the house, I wanted one even more...for our first home. So, I looked and looked online for what I wanted. I didn't find one that quite fit my desires (or price range), so I'm making it. It's certainly not perfect. When it's done, I'll share a picture...hopefully, of it hanging somewhere on some wall. This was a more enjoyable project than the wool balls. I'm still finalizing the verse I want on the bottom. Guess what the colors are? Those who know me personally and know my decorative colors of choice...yup, red, white, and blue. I'm a primitive/Americana...and patriotic... girl at heart. Wow, this is getting long...soo, on the red, white, and blue note, Happy Memorial Day! I always have difficulty saying "happy" Memorial Day. I am thankful for our freedom, but happy doesn't seem to fit when honoring those who have given their all for our freedom. So, I'm going to have a Thankful Memorial Day!

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