Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Monday again

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Matt and I like the show 24. Matt happens to dream in "Jack Bauer." You ladies, with avid watching husbands, probably know what I mean by that, either because your husbands do the same or you can imagine them doing the same. Anyway, after hearing about another dream, my first question would not be, was I in it? I would not get more excited to hear the ones where I am helping him wrangle the bad guys. Sure, it's nice to be the damsel in distress at times, but being alongside my man, beating up the bad guys, well, there's no comparison there. He would have to think very highly of me for that! (*Of course, we tend to not care for many of the ladies the actual Jack Bauer chooses...but Matt says I do a better job without their drama. Grin.)

While grocery shopping, the little man spit-up. Unfortunately, it wasn't just a little bit I could let slide. It was, well, pretty much everywhere on him. I would not forget a burp cloth and dig for a suitable replacement in my purse. Stumbling fingers through receipts, a gum wrapper, chapstick and pens, I would not pull the only thing out that could possibly work, look around to make sure no one is watching, and wipe my boy up with a... pad. Did I just write that? Did I just write that after a Jack Bauer paragraph? Not me!

While changing my boy's diaper, a rather common occurence around here, go figure, I swiftly pulled the messy diaper out from under his tush, and in the process, his poop did not go flying across the room...and land on a burp cloth. (Umm, so that's where the burp cloth was...) I did not let out an "Eww" and laugh hysterically. Matt wanting to know what was so funny, I just kept laughing, saying, "poop," and pointing so he would come and you know, see what was so funny. Our boy just grinned. Anyway, this would be too gross and immature of me to do.

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Matt and Megan said...

Ha ha....oh Becky, thanks for your honesty! I love your Not Me Monday confessions :)