Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where Was I Going

...with all of this??

I am going to try to get down to the nitty gritty in this post. Because I have "wires," this is difficult for me to do without taking all different directions. My husband and I frequently refer to my way of thinking as having wires and his way of thinking as having boxes. It came after hearing a comedian saying men can only think of one thing and do one thing at a time. I will try to post the link. Women multitask and multi think, running a mile a minute. I seriously do not mean this as a belittlement to men, especially my husband. He agrees he needs to put all his thought and energy into one thing at a time. Meanwhile, I'm asking him a ton of questions while running around like a chicken with their head cut off. Anyway, it's no secret men and women think differently.

I began, "The Love of My Life" series, well, planning on it just being one post. Then it became a series due to my longwindedness (have fun spell check!). I had all these thoughts about how The Love of My Life is three-fold. I have my husband. I have my son. I have my heavenly Father. So, I guess it was sort of a trick title and my intention was to get around to talking about all three and how they are all interconnected. I have now realized I could probably write a book on that topic. By the time I write the book, who knows? I could have many more loves of my life (in the form of more children...who knows?). Ok, I am not really thinking of writing a book. But if you don't mind, those topics are pretty much what my blog is anyway. I talk about our family life and my own journey. Instead of making it a 384,693,043 part series, I'll just move on...or in a sense, move in and try to think of some more clever titles as I punch down my thoughts.

Due to a request, I added a Followers link to my sidebar. I'd love to meet any new readers I might have. So if you're up to it, say hello!

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