Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a Picture!

Is it too late to write a New Year's Resolution post? Oh well. I'm not really one for making New Year's Resolutions. In fact, I cannot remember ever making one. I don't think they're bad. I've just never really thought about them much. The other night, I was telling my husband, ahem, sarcastically, that "Ohh, I want that!" while watching a commercial. It was the commercial for the neckline slimmer. Ok, so I said it sarcastically. Maybe one day my flabby chin and neck will cry out for one of these babies, but for now, I laugh and wonder why I didn't think to sell those. Then, my crazy brain went into overdrive. I told my husband that I thought the best way to get back into shape after having a baby would be to try out all these once!

So, I immediately said, while using the neckline slimmer, I will also use the shake weight! To give those abs a workout, I'll slap on the ab belt. If all this is done on the easy step, well, I think I'd be all set! I could probably even teach Stevie the hokie pokie or the Father Abraham song all at the same time. Can you imagine how smokin' I'd look Matt?

*Not a paid advertisement. Just in case you were wondering.

Instead of all these fun things, I run around after my little guy, do sit ups with him sitting on me, play our video games (the "My Sports Gaming System" our very generic, cheap version of the Wii...yes, called the "poor man's Wii') with him on my hip, lift him up and down in the air (he's a hefty boy), and sometimes, pull out that old dollar store workout video to jump around the living room to and make him laugh. This spring I hope to take him out in the jogging stroller. But for now, these things will be just fine. Maybe next year...

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