Friday, March 14, 2008

and what a refined young woman she's becoming...

This is definitely one of those "lighter" blogs...that you might want to skip over! Today, I picked up some groceries and was in the mood for a snack. I know, you shouldn't go shopping in a snacky or hungry mood. Last time, I made the mistake of getting a Reeses Whipped/Whipps...whatever they are. This time, I wanted something salty with a zing. I scanned the checkout aisle and grabbed...a slim jim!

I personally find this quite funny because I haven't had one in, I think it's safe to say, several years. As I opened the package in the car (you know how I open my treats before I leave the parking lot of the store), I also thought to myself, "I can't believe you're going to eat this. Look at the skin!" I have my opinions about certain foods that cause me to not like them. So, these slim jims would fit the category of a "do not eat" food because it has this tough nasty skin layer on the outside. I feel the same way about hotdogs because of their skin. I also don't like hotdogs because I think the ends look like....bear with me...the inside of my belly button (I suppose if it was flipped out). The wrinkled skin pulled together in the center! gross!! Anyways, I like foods with some pep, and the slim jim fit the bill in the moment. I took the first bite and chewed. I chewed and chewed and chewed. The flavor was better in my childhood years and I certainly didn't remember how you could chew and never get it small enough to swallow comfortably. So, I did what any refined woman would do. I would spit out the meatball sized chunk out the window of my car (when cars were not coming the other way of course). I felt like I was chewing...well, chewing tobacco. Over and over again, I bit off a chunk and repeated this process. I think this food has a certain redneck flare to it as it as...and here I was. Afterwards, I wished I had just gotten some pepperoni or chocolate.

I have the bad breath to prove my story, but I'll spare you all by just sharing a picture. I think I'll mail the twin to Matt! Umm, do you even like these, Matt?

*I love you Man! So, do you want that other slim jim? Are there any other takers?

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Matt and Megan said...

Uh're 0 for 2 when it comes to snacks!

1st Reese's whipped, now this!

Ha ha, please, go for the chocolate next time!