Thursday, March 6, 2008

right in this moment...i'm laughing

Let me share what I'm doing at this exact moment. I just came back from mailing Matt's package...hooray! (it should've been mailed a long time ago) My neighbor handed me a package that came in the mail for me. I was so excited!! I ordered 2 dresses online and they came!!

Well, I was excited until I opened the box. Yes, they were the right dresses, but no, not what I was expecting. Well, I might as well try them on...maybe they'll look better on. I really don't have many dresses or what you would call really dressy clothes. My cousin is getting married this weekend, and I thought, hey, let's go shopping for something new. I went to practically every store in the mall and outside of the mall and found nothing! So, I decided to see what was online. I ordered a black dressy dress...go figure...and I also ordered a yellow summery dress. I am fully aware that I might be a ghost in a yellow dress, but it looked so pretty, I decided to try it. Ha....ha ha ha ha. The black dress, well, it could work...but it's like anything else I own dressy or try on. It doesn't fit right in some places. That's usually code for the chest area among other places. It doesn't help that every style is super scoopy. I did buy a new black tank to wear under it in case it was too low. Well, it is too low and baggy on the right and left, but the tank top takes care of the coverage. Now, I just sort of look like an old woman at a funeral. The material is just weird too. I've come to the conclusion that's why they are online and not in the store: so you can't see or feel them! It's almost like the crepe paper you use to decorate with for children's birthday parties. This dress really reminds me of the old orchestra days. Oh, those hideous dresses!! I guess I'll need an honest opinion from someone who isn't wearing it. Or, maybe I'll just wear it anyway and just act confident....ha! Not very likely...but I hear that's what you're supposed to do.

Ok, so the black one is a maybe. The yellow one is out of my realm of fashion. I'm not a particularly fashionable person. I prefer jeans and a comfortable shirt or sweatshirt. Hence, the fact that I needed some more dressy clothes. The first thing I thought when I opened the package was, is this a dress or my grandma's tablecloth? It's lacey...which, I'm not a lacey girl. I knew it was going to be lacey, but I thought, maybe it's ok to dress a little feminine once and awhile. So, I gave this one a try too by seeing what it looks like on. Honestly, it sort of looks like a tablecloth or maybe curtains. And, I'm not exaggerating here, it feels like one of those too. It sort of poofs at the rear area...I think there's a little too much extra material there. I wonder if it will look better without the wrinkles from the packaging. Once again, I'll need help from an outsider. I feel like a guest on "What Not to Wear." Either that, or I just really am not with the times!

Maybe for your enjoyment I should've posted pictures to go along with my description (since my description does not do them justice). My excuse is this: I don't have a clicker (remote) or timer (that I know of) on my camera so all you'd see is my face. Ok, my other excuse is, I'm way too embarrassed.

So, my order is a little disappointing, but sort of expected. I should've learned my lesson after ordering my bridesmaid dresses online. I am still so sorry about those, girls. When I opened the boxes for those, Matt had to literally come me down. That was probably my 1 bridezilla moment. And you all were so gracious saying they really weren't that bad....yeah, they really were.

So, it looks like I'm not going to be very dressy at the wedding this weekend and some other upcoming weddings and events unless there is some intervention. Oh well.

*I love you, Matt!!

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