Thursday, February 28, 2008

He makes me smile...

No need to post comments. This is purely for my own enjoyment...a fun post and hopefully fun/ny for you too! I'm also trying to see if this posting of pictures thing works right. I'm thinking ahead to Matt's birthday in a couple months...

I hang onto a lot of pictures of Matt since he's not here...even little Matt pictures. He's just too cute. Yes, I find myself watching the slideshow we made for our wedding over and over...and over again. Sometimes, there might be a little too much spare time on my hands. I thought I'd share a couple of my favorites. So, here is a picture of Matt when he was little, in kindergarten we believe. Yes, there are cracks in almost all of his younger photos because they are just so old! Just kidding Matt!

This next one goes back even farther. He is the littlest one on the right. This photo just makes me laugh!! I call it the "Gunther" face...(if you've ever seen Dennis the Menace...the newer movie made in the 90''ll know what I mean!) I'll take a few of that little face!!

I guess it worked! Yay! Now, I can post more pictures.

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