Monday, February 18, 2008

Growing Pains on the Homefront!

So, I am slowly figuring out that I should've pursued a different occupation...with good training. I received a good education, but I never learned what is truly necessary. I should've been a plummer!!

Oh yes, another joy of dealing with things on my own. My toilet worked fine this morning. I took a shower and what should've been a hot shower that lasts 3 minutes and every 30 seconds I have to progressively turn it hotter and hotter to maintain that nice hot (ok, warm warm) shower. Today, it was all hot! I'm talking boiling potatoes HOT! I had the cold cranked up and could not shake the boiling temperature. Well, finally it was ok, then it turned freezing. So, I was in the shower for 10 minutes without getting clean...because it was too hot or too cold. Grrr. I was finally able to just push through a little bit of a too hot shower rather than a freezing cold one. This didn't feel so good on my cuts from yesterday...umm, I tried shaving with a bent razor (Ok, I dropped it and instead of it breaking like usual, it totally bent, but it was brand new, and I didn't want to waste it)...yeah, not a good idea, especially considering it being brand new!! The water pressure was also not as good as usual. I've seen a gradual decline in this over the past couple months but never wanted to deal with it. Hey, I already used drano because I had some clogged drains. I did a little more getting ready and needed to use the toilet. I did my business. Went to flush it. Clank! I pressed that magic button that makes the water swirl and disappear, but nothing happened! I wasn't feeling the greatest this morning, and this just tipped me over, tipped me over, tipped me over...something. I suppose I can walk around the house with the typical plummer pants style (aka, showing off my plummer's crack), but that's about as far as my abilities go!

We have oven issues, kind of like the shower, it's too hot or too cold, our dishwasher doesn't work, and we don't have much heat because our costs are so outrageous. Yes, I'll be on the phone about that bill too today. I also have a broken mailbox. Well, the door is hanging by a thread, and everytime we get mail, it dangles. Lately, the ice has actually been helping seal it shut! haha

Did I mention we're thinking of renting out our place for a vacation getaway?

I'm also having a few tax issues...umm, involving no access to Matt's military W-2's. Just another headache. It looks like I'm going to have to request an extension until he has access to a computer for real! Do I really know what I'm doing, NOPE! I take my brother's wonderful advice for me when I hated learning to drive: "Just act like you know what you're doing!" (Yes, there are reasons I'm in the passenger seat!) Anyone with experience here, please HELP!!

I never knew that I would be growing this year in quite this way. At least I can laugh about it...ok, sometimes, I can laugh about it...ok, maybe in 20 years, I will look back on this time and laugh about it. All prayers are appreciated!

*I love you Matt! I'm holding down the fort...sort of! 8 months from today!

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Andrea and Richie said...

Hey Becky, It's Andrea... Megan's sister.

I've been reading along... and praying the next 8 months fly by for you and Matt both.

About the taxes... My mother in law does taxes for H&R block (for the past 20 years so she knows her stuff) and I'm sure she'd help answer any questions you might have. Let me know if you want and I can give you her number.