Thursday, February 21, 2008

looking "forward" to little faces in the rearview mirror

This week we started another part of our journey. I started my rounds of blood tests to see where I am (no, I'm not delirious, I know where I am right now....I know what you were thinking). It is not a secret that Matt and I desire children. Hence, the Outback, Matt's little Army, my favorite childhood toy being dolls. I have been asked many times what my dream job would be, and I blurt out, "Stay at home Mom." Most people are expecting to hear details about the grade, subject, and location of what and where I'd like to teach, so this catches them a little off-guard. I do enjoy teaching. But, my heart yearns to raise children. It didn't take me long into marriage to start talking about expanding our family (hmm, January or February after getting married in December? :) ) Have you ever been so in love with someone you just can't wait to have children just like them? Matt is going to be such a wonderful father. Ohhh, little Matthews. (I don't know if I'm ready for little Beckys yet...reflect back on my response to the Stranger Danger talk with my Mom).

Anyway, it would be an understatement to say I was "disappointed" as time went on without having joyous news to share. That is an up and down road in and of itself. It hasn't been a super long time to require testing, but there are certain things that are a little off. So, we're ruling things out and trying to make changes. This time apart from Matt hasn't been so much fun (since we need to wait even longer)...well, yeah... but I am still hopeful for the future, the near future :) So, the other day while out shopping, I picked up a cute "little one" outfit. Hey, I haven't done that in a long time, and it was a super deal! Maybe I'll share more in another post. I have more in here...but it's not quite ready yet.

*I love you, Matt. We're in the 7 month range!

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Megan said...

Little Becky's would be adorable. Hopefully cooking shows would be their specialty :)

Love you...we continue to pray as you seek the desires of your heart!