Friday, February 15, 2008

a little brag time about Man

Warning: This content may be boring for some or too lovey dovey (is there even a spelling for that "word"?) for others. Continue if you'd like.

Today is going to be a really good day. They always are when I receive a phone call from Matt. Yes, he called this morning! What a surprise!! It was the first time I heard his voice in 2 weeks. What a manly voice he has too! Of course, my favorite phrase to hear from him is, I love you! I sure love my man. In fact, when we were courting, the first nickname I gave Matt is Man. No, it's not like a slang word (like, what's up man?) but a term of endearment. I've heard it's a good thing for a woman to build up her here it goes:

He is the good definition of Man for me. He likes to roll up his sleeves and work hard. It was so fun for me to watch him while we were courting. He worked for Mr. St. James and spent quite a bit time chopping wood in our backyard. I got to smile a lot...and blush. I would try to think of things I needed to tell him, just so I could go outside...without being too obvious. He also likes to work on cars. That's a good form of entertainment for me as well! His skills are also really valuable. He is so handsome, and I believe him to be the most handsome Man in the world. Just take a look at the picture down below if you don't belive me. I should post some more. He has the biggest servant's heart. He wants to help people anyway he is able, and he is a wonderful friend. He likes to cook and clean too! He pampers me more than he knows! He loves kids! We can't wait to have children (he'd like to have 10, his little army, as he says [Notice, he didn't say, his little Marine Corps.] So, we'll see). He waited to kiss me until we were pronounced husband and wife. Most importantly, he loves the Lord and desires to keep His commands, be in line with His will, and share the Gospel with others. I really could go on and on. He sure is a Keeper (he likes me to call him My Keeper too, after a dream he had).

Keep in mind though, ladies, HE'S TAKEN!!! Ok, ok. Many of my married friends think the same things of their husbands. That's ok. That's why we married who we did. Mine still wins though, no contest!

Even though these are some difficult times, I am so blessed. My husband is a gift. Matthew means, Gift from God. He really is.

*Thank you, Matt. I love you!!

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Ben & Jen said...

That was very beautiful! Tears....yes!