Thursday, March 20, 2008

one of those days

I had a wonderful morning talking with Matt today, actually late morning and early afternoon. We did a little online shopping together of some military wife umm, shirts and stuff to show my support and feel a closer connection. I know, some people don't understand (this has become obvious to me), but I am proud of Matt, so that's why I'd like a shirt or 2 that show my support.

Sometimes, because people don't understand, I feel like wearing this shirt. No, I didn't order it, but it begins to tell the story....
"Don't ask me if I miss him...Of course I miss him. Don't ask me is it easy? because it's not!"

Just a few minutes ago, I was told (umm, more like lectured) to be thankful he isn't in Iraq. This is a totally true statement, and trust me, I am thankful he's not there. In some ways I feel a little like a Marine wife wannabe because I'm not going through what some other wives go through, deployments over and over again to dangerous places. Nevertheless, I love my husband and am not overly excited to have him apart from me no matter where he goes. (I mean, seriously, do most wives really want to ship their husbands out somewhere for 6 months to a year or more? hmm, something's not right about that). Also, there is never any guarantee wherever he goes that he will not face danger or accidents. He is afterall, a Marine, and they will send him wherever they please in a moments' notice. Even, here at home, things can happen. Sometimes such lectures are not necessary or helpful...especially during another apartment episode where my landlord I was about to take a shower, which was a close call...asking me to do more for our apartment...

So, I guess, I appreciate hearing how Matt is in other people's prayers and how we have their support. And, if you'd like to talk, please call before coming over if you are just going to ...come....when I'd like to take a shower, especially if you are a male...that just does not put me in a chatty mood.

On a positive note, I have received some words of thanks unexpectedly too. A lady from Geico told me to tell Matt thank you for his service, and she thanked me too. I was totally taken aback because I was just looking for a quote on car insurance (explaining my husband is deployed, so I'm the only driver for another 6 months...etc.). Then she told me all servicemembers and wives need to be thanked more often. She blessed my socks off, and I think mostly because it was totally unexpected, and one of the first times I've been "sincerely" thanked or included. Yes, she may have just been trying to get my business, but it was appreciated, and if anybody is going to get business, that is one way to do it. Now, I'm not looking for people to write comments, "thanking" me or Matt, but if you'd like to send Matt a note, I can pass along his email or address. I don't mind letting people thank him or anyone in the military at all.

So, thank you to all those men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedom, to the men and women in uniform and the spouses left behind who also give so much I humbly offer my thanks. I don't think I could do this for life because it is so tough....and people do. There was one shirt I liked, "born an American, wife of a military member by the grace of God" true.

Oh, don't forget to wear red on fridays to show your support for our troops!!

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