Monday, April 5, 2010

10 months

Dear Stephen,

You're a whopping 10 months old! Here are some of your favorite things now:

*You love playing with your ball. I bought one for you and one for Noah the week they came to visit. You saw me look over the balls at the store and were so excited about it. I handed you the Diego ball, and you beamed! You carried it in your little hands through the rest of my grocery trip, so proudly. You laughed every time I called it "ball." Nearing the end you started tossing it with joy, and I didn't mind since we were almost done (and thankfully the store wasn't crowded...This is probably one of those things "I never would have allowed" before I had kids). From the first time we played at home, you amazed me at your ability to roll it back to me. You've got a flick motion down with your right hand (always your right hand) to send it to me. You get very excited when it comes rolling back your way.

*You love other kids. You laugh hysterically at whatever they do. You had a great time with Noah a couple weeks ago and love your cousins. Grandma and Grandpa's dog is pretty funny to you too.

*You used to wave when you were tinier, but I guess you gave it up for grander things. You started waving again at yourself a couple of weeks ago, and you were thrilled. You were in the car, looking in your little mirror, grinning and making happy noises at the little boy waving at you. Those little waves also popped up as Daddy drove by a parked police car on the highway one day. It's a good thing he wasn't speeding!

*You started saying, "Hi" right at 9 months. It's sort of a southern hi. "Ha-ah!" You win a lot of ladies' smiles at the grocery store with your greeting. You also say, "Dada" but "Mama" is no where to be heard yet.

*You're starting to wind down from the 40 oz of formula you were having a day (nope, I'm not kidding or exaggerating. You eat us out of house and home.) We're still somewhere in the upper 30's though. You love your foods, but spaghetti makes you gag. We're working on the bigger noodles that are easier to chew.
*You are a big boy for your age. At 9 months, you were 24 lbs 2 oz and 30 1/2 inches. (90th and 95th percentile.) I am so eager to see how tall you'll be when you're fully grown. Beyond stature, we hope you grow in wisdom and in favor with God!

*I'm pretty sure you're working on more teeth because of the drooling and chewing. You had 8 teeth in 8 months and decided to take a vacation during your 9th month.

*I thought for sure you were going to crawl early (and your interest in the Pampers box baby), but you're taking your time, and that is just fine. You've had your own unique way of moving across the room since before log rolling and later, army crawling. Your preferred movement is the right elbow/shoulder/toe crawl. Once you finally catch on to the real thing, I'm sure you'll wonder what all that work was for!

*You are very much mobile though the official crawling hasn't taken place. You keep me hopping all day (and it's much harder to take a picture of you now because you want the camera)...and still love to move the heavy things (ahem, furniture pieces) across the room!

*You like to smile and talk to your name board outside your door whenever we walk by. There's a nice familiar face to look at and talk to!

*You still love to watch Daddy play basketball every week. We are often still offered the nursery, but I understand where you really want to be.

*You think it's so great when you pull yourself up to a sitting position from on your belly. Big smiles. And...maybe our cheering has something to do with it too.

*Your 2nd haircut (remember, your first haircut was when you were 3 months old?) was the night before Easter. I enjoyed trimming it (the first time for me). It came out ok...much better than the first time I ever cut your dad's hair.

We're so proud of you, Stephen! My days are full with you, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Love always,

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What a cutie you have there! Those are just pull you in. Precious!

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