Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How did you know?

It's been a bit crazy around here lately. Hmm, but when is it really not? I just wanted to let you know, Matt, that I love you! Yes, I'm writing this on my blog. Inappropriate place or not, I'm writing that here.

I heard a discussion lately regarding how one knows when a person is "the one." Matt and I had an interesting meeting and relationship. Matt was the only guy I "dated" or "courted"...or was courted by? However that works. Anyway, not that I wanted to have more relationship experiences with other guys, but I wanted the answer to that question, is he really the one? We were definitely talking marriage quite soon into our relationship. I prayed and prayed about it. Before you start thinking I didn't really like the guy, let me clear that up: I really liked him. I really, really liked him. I was attracted to him, and he had the qualities I wanted most in a husband. ( it wasn't as if this was an arranged type deal or anything.) I just wanted to have some sort of "sign" that Matt was the one for me. My mom asked for a sign for my dad...and she got it. So, I left mine sort of open ended. I just asked God to make it known to me in some way that would make me certain, and He did.

I had a dream. It wasn't some crazy dream of me on my wedding day with Matt as the groom. I dreamt Matt had come over one Sunday after church for lunch at my parents as he often did. This time, however, we had some sort of discussion that ended our relationship. I don't know the details, but I know I was upset. Since we were "over," what do you think Matt did? He got on my parents' phone and called up some other chick and asked her father's permission to court her! at. my. parents. house. me. standing. there. ...till I stormed out the door of course! I was livid! I was hurt! How could he do that? How could he call that girl here? How could he do that so quickly? And who is this girl? No way! He is MY man! He is supposed to marry ME! His wife will not be that girl. It will be me! We are meant to be together! Something happened in the dream shortly after I stormed out. I saw Matt talking with my parents in their car. (You know how dreams jump around.) He ended up getting out of the car and talking with me. I don't remember the words said at all. I just know that he came back to me and I came back to him and things were smoothed over. He left, grabbed a little wash tub and soap and was about to wash my feet (in the act of service sense) when I woke up.

Ignoring the oddities in the dream...I came to the conclusion I needed. I woke up certain that I didn't want to be with any other man. I was certain that I didn't want Matt with any other girl. I found my treasure. And that's when I knew.

Recently, I had another dream. We've been married for over 3 years. This one was weird. I dreamt it was my wedding day. My 2nd wedding day?? I don't know. I was confused. I married this short guy with dark hair. I didn't even know him. I didn't want to know him. I didn't like him. Matt was at the wedding. It was like we were best friends and I longed to marry him. Here I was with Mr. Short guy who didn't know anything about me...nor did I know anything about him. I was so upset. I knew I made a huge mistake. How did I marry this guy? Why am I not with Matt? Take it back! Change it! This is not right! I woke up, tear stained, but I rolled over and knew Matt was there. All was right.

Sometimes I talk about my weird dreams on here. Maybe it's annoying. I'm no dream expert. I do think some dreams are just plain crazy but some can also be great reminders. This last one was a "nudging" one for me to remember what a great husband I have. No, he's not just great because he's tall. We are the perfect match, and that won't change. I knew he was the right one back then, and I know now. Even if we have (hmm, how shall I say it) "ill feelings" towards one another at times, that doesn't change the fact that we are meant to be together. We had our choice. I'm thankful for the choice I made! I love you, Matt!!

How did you know? I'm a sucker for love stories!

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