Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the move!

There has been a lot of moving going around for our family lately. We've been trying to run in some evenings after Stevie's nap. He loves riding in the jogging stroller, but unfortunately, we aren't super regular yet. I've been toying with the idea of getting motivated for a that I'm motivated to run more often, but I'm not sure that will happen. We'll see.

In weird news, there is this spider that has taken up residence in my car. I do not like spiders! I'm fine with them outdoors, but don't move into my space! This is one of those little black and gray fuzzy ones...nasty ones...but a little bit bigger than the teeny ones we had last year in our home that would jump and disappear when you tried to whack them. So, like any good mom trying to keep her child spider free, I tried to whack that sucker on my dashboard. He was in the crook, all I had was a sneaker, and well, he zoomed into the vents. Grr. That means, all I think about when in the car is that spider. We made it to our destination...oh, a garage sale for an umbrella stroller that was already sold. It poured. I had to get Stevie in and out of the car (which was ultimately for no reason) through the rain. We came home, and then later, we went out for something else. There it sat, staring at me, riding shot gun in the passenger seat. Oh no you don't! I had the little man in my arms. I quickly got him in his seat and grabbed that old running shoe from the back. Whack! Whack! The thing bounced off the seat to the floor in a ball...and then scurried away under the seat. How is it that all small insects have the built in armor we could only dream of? I mean, really! It's like in the movies. If I were beaten up over and over in real life, there's no way, I'd be able to get up without a scratch. Not fair!! So, every time I get in the car, I'm paranoid about this ugly dude. I think I saw him once more...can't remember. But yes, he's still kickin around my car. I can't stand it and that old sneaker is losing his job!

You know what else I can't stand? Well...this... I like to take Stevie out in the stroller right before Matt gets home from work. He loves being outside, and because we live on a busy road, I just take him up and down our long drive way until Matt pulls in. Stevie loves it, and we're there to greet Daddy when he comes home. Yesterday, we made it down the driveway a few times until IT happened. We were half way down the driveway when I heard the neighbors across the street laughing and partying? I don't know. Anyway, they were behind trees, couldn't see them...didn't care to see them. I wasn't interested in their business. Then I hear ladies' screams of laughter and out jumps this man. Scarred for life, I this man totally unclothed jumps out to the street, RIGHT in front of our driveway. He's jumping and running around in the middle of our busy street. I won't go into more details about that, but I was disgusted. Cars are swerving and honking, and I'm trying to get away too. For real, I was so bothered. We swung right around and chugged it back to the house out of "view" while the honking and shrieks continued. Does this bother you as much as it bothers me? I'm thinking the guy was dared or something, but really...I felt violated, just trying to take my son on a little walk. Thankfully, this is the first time (and hopefully LAST) that this has happened. Our apartment has been wonderful, but I am looking forward to moving to our house on the private street (where people had better be clothed)!

On a wonderfully, positive "moving" note... Nope, not about the house... Stevie took his first real crawling steps yesterday! He has crawled several times since. It was very exciting. I clapped and cheered...while he stared with little grins. He's on the move!! He still likes to army crawl after several steps, but it's official now!

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trooppetrie said...

I do not think it would have done any good to call the police but I agree it is so wrong and YUCK and I would be livid. That is just crazy.