Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random thoughts

Another one of the random thoughts posts...because...well, just because.

I hope I'm happy when all this house business is done. I. am. ready. for. it. to. be. done. I'm a leetle bit stressed about it.

Huggies is starting to redeem themselves. After trying 2 different Huggies when Stevie was little (their regular ones and pure and natural), I thought I'd never try them again. They were terrible. I still say it. Stevie leaked out of EVERY one. EVERY one. Pee or poop, it came out. We used Pampers while he was a newborn, and then I found the Target Up and Ups when he was a few months, and we never looked back. The price works for us...and so do the diapers! Stevie was still wearing Pampers overnights through the night though because he's a heavy. wetter. and Up and Ups during the day. Well, he was leaking through the overnights recently. He's already a size 5, and they only go up to size 6. So, we tried those diaper doubler things from Babies R Us. They worked ok, but gave him a horrible rash. They don't pull the moisture away from him...and we've all suffered because of that. I was told that Huggies really are better than Pampers at night. I did not expect them to hold diddly squat, but I tried them anyway. And, diddly they held! This morning was the 4th? morning Stevie has woken up with dry pajamas! Maybe it's just a coincidence, but maybe not...and I'll give a little credit where it's due: Thank you, Huggies.

Yes, I'm using lots of periods and capital letters for emphasis. It is so nice to write however I want.

I'm going to the library today. It's been a. long. while. since I've read a book. Hmm, that might be showing in my writing, huh? I need to get "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" for our Children's Church lesson on Sunday. It's just for the anticipatory set....for manna from case you were wondering about that. I also am excited about a parenting book. It's called, "Don't Make Me Count to 3" by Ginger Plowman. I laugh every time I think of the title. It's about heart-oriented discipline...or so I'm told...I haven't read it yet! I will be sure to share my thoughts. Any other books like that you'd recommend?

Speaking of parenting. My boy yells. He yells from the depths of his belly. Sometimes he pulls his arms down and out with little fists while he does it. I roll with it. I think he just enjoys hearing himself. He also likes how his voice echos in our apartment with the tall ceilings. He might just be preparing to be a passionate preacher one day or loud singer?? He has no idea what "shh" means. I try to keep my voice soft when I talk to him and "encourage" softer voices. It doesn't bother me much at home except when I'm trying to talk with Matt. I'd like him to eventually learn "indoor voices," but he's 10 months. In the grocery store and at church, well, I'd like to keep his joyful noises less distracting (and overwhelming...or...) to others. Yes, other people "shh" him. He doesn't yell all the time or even every grocery trip or anything, but it is somewhat of a favorite activity. Suggestions?

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Amy said...

I feel the same way about Huggies. We had a big pack of them from one of my showers and Grace ALWAYS leaked out of them no matter how carefully I put them on her.
The only thing I do like about them is they have that little poop catcher tab thing on the back of them so they don't poop up their backs.

We are doing Luvs right now but alot of my friends swear by Up and Up. As soon as she gets into size
3s and I can buy the big boxes I think I'll give them a try.