Tuesday, April 1, 2008

as requested

As I gear up to share some interesting, or not so interesting, tidbits about myself, I will share some words, or phrases or sayings that "irk" me. Hmm, this may be a short one that needs to be added to later.

Well, I already shared, "Home again, home again, jiggity jig." I wonder where that started. I have a feeling it is a pretty old saying. I guess some people have never heard it though...so, I decided to see what happens when I "yahoo" it. First, LOTS of blogs come up (or specific posts), entitled (entitled, not entailed...:) just that. Umm, a homosexual game site came up. That's something that bugs me. When just looking up where a phrase originates, all sorts of terribly inappropriate websites come up. I actually have to tell my doctor about one. She recommended a product for me and said I could just do a search for it, and that it would be there. Not good things came up, so I need to let her know. So those things irk me, but more than irk me. I find it especially annoying since I'm not looking for that stuff, I'm looking for often quite the opposite, but in the process those come up. Anyway, I wasn't able to find an origin. Somebody must've just said it one day and all is history.

There's another one my mom used to say, let's see. I'll remember it sometime.

"There's a millipede or there are a lot of millipedes!" Ok, not what you're looking for, but honestly, I can't stand finding millipedes in our apartment. Also in our house, "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!"...for real!

One I teased Matt about for awhile was when he said, "We'll keep you in prayers." First of all, I thought it was really cute, but I said, umm, you mean, "We'll keep you in our prayers, or we'll keep you in prayer." Sometimes, the English concentration part of me comes out, but yes, on my blog, sometimes I slip up. I don't edit much here.

I really don't like to call a class "friends." I don't mind saying something like, "One of your friends" referring to a classmate of another student. However, calling the entire class "friends" just sounds cheesy to me. I prefer boys and girls or class, or in my case since I sub, I can say Mrs. so and so's class.

Sidenote: I really like the Amelia Bedelia books, ever since I was little. I think they are just so funny. Apparently the most common sources of idioms are from Shakespeare and the Bible...neat tidbit.

This weekend I was asked for a picture of Matt for his brother's wedding, so a life-size cardboard cut out could be made of him since he can't be there. I don't remember the exact words, but that irked me and hurt me.

Something I learned, when people say, "mind your p's and q's" it came from old English pubs. Apparently, ale was ordered in pints and quarts, so when customers got "unruly," the bartender would say that (mind your pints and quarts...p's and q's). (http://www.panix.com/~acohen/expr.html) So I don't think that's one I would use with my kids, not that I like it anyway. "Mom what are p's and q's?"

"Don't ya know?" is sort of a joke in our family. We say it like an older woman from times past I guess. It's not my favorite, one of those nails on the chalkboard type things for me, but I do laugh almost every time.

Another one is related to the word "at." It doesn't need to be placed at the end of something already stating a ...location I guess. I don't know the lingo. (I don't like the word lingo either...haha). "Where are you at?" At is not necessary. "Where are you?" does the job. Now, I say it sometimes too because I'm around it quite a bit...oh well.

Hmm, April fools!! That's also not a favorite, but I felt the need to say it today.

How about I end with a silly one? When I was little, during Christmas time we would sing, The Drummer Boy or The Little Drummer Boy. I guess I never really saw the words of the song, or I was so little I couldn't read...but this went on for years. I always thought one part of a verse of the song was in another language. "The ox and ram kept time..." I never heard it annunciated in those words, and it was always really choppy...I thought it was something in like Chinese. So, no, this doesn't really irk me. It's pure childhood confusion or misunderstanding. I remember that one year that I learned the truth. I saw it on an overhead while we were singing at church. I just could not stop laughing!! I think about that every Christmas and every time that song is sung or played!

*Love you!! 29 weeks left!!

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Anonymous said...

You are too funny Bubba. I have to say that I am bad at saying alot of those sayings that irk you. I'm sorry. I hope you can put up with me until I can stop saying alot of those. Well, I love you and I will talk to you in a little while.