Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm Ready!

I'm ready for a change in my blog! I know it's plain, and I'm tired of the colors. I'm kind of a plain girl, and I didn't really like the options given for templates, so I went with the "plainest" umm, most plain, or traditional one. Hopefully soon this will look a little different. Although, it may not last long. We'll see. Oh, anyone who can help me put videos on here, I'd really appreciate it (they can be seen when previewed but only show up with an x on the blog page). I'm hoping to post videos and pictures for Matt on another blog.

(Yes, I guess that's another secret: sometimes I still play dress up)

*I love you! You look much better in your work clothes than I do! ;)


Heather said...

Becky, I put my video through youtube and post in on my blog that way. :) As I am reading through your posts...I just want to reach out through the monitor and give you a big hug. You sound like a real trooper...doin' a great job...I know your husband must be proud.

HOPE said...

Hi Becky...I'm coming over from Just Laugh (Heather)...I'll keep you and your husband in prayer. I was a Marine wife once too...and a Marine/Army I know how separation feels. The LORD is our comfort!

I have two watering wells is a story in my life of God's magnificant grace..the other This is the day...a little this and that to rejoice in for the days.

Loved the photos of you and your husband and the latest in uniform..

and...on the boring templates..I took a photo of my wallpaper! and put it behind my header and VOILA a nice blog!

Take care..


Hello Becky, I am connie from Texas and I came by to say Hi! from Heather's blog also. Hope you are doing great and the LOrd is giving you all that you need.

I wish I knew how to do slides also. So, I can't help you, wish I could.

You are welcome to come visit me anytime, You can find me at

I am so grateful to families like your who are serving our country and giving so much. I could never say thank you enough. I will pray for you, though. I know this must get very difficult at times. connie from texas