Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So, this is what has been keeping me busy and up later at night this week. It's a PBS special, and sort of a documentary of the happenings aboard the USS Nimitz during a 6 month deployment in 2005.

My brother told me about it wondering if I would be interested. Ohh, that sounds like a thriller! (I'm not much for documentaries) He reminded me about it the night it began, so I changed the channel to just "check it out." I couldn't turn it off! Right now is one of those times Matt and I aren't able to communicate, as he is now on his ship (no not this one). This show has oddly enough been my connection to him. I get proud of myself for knowing what they're talking about and being familiar with the jobs. I see the guys covered in grease and hydraulic fluid and think of and smell my Man. It's definitely not the greatest nor the healthiest of all scents and won't be the next cologne! This carrier was home to jets and Matt works on the helicopters. (The Marine aircraft is always down on this carrier too....they are sooo OLD). My favorite part of staying on base was hearing the aircraft overhead (it's very loud) and thinking Matt had a hand in it. It truly is an unbelievable thing those things, helicopters or jets or any air craft get off the ground!

I think the show is also interesting because they interview the men and women, mostly of the Navy (go figure) but a few Marines too, about their present thoughts and their backgrounds. Some of their stories are heartbreaking but true. Last night on the show there was apparently a man overboard. They searched for over 3 days and didn't find him. It was so awful to watch the time go by with no rescue. It was another sober reminder to me to keep praying for safety and protection of all our military no matter where they are, "war zone" or not. If I can take the liberty, I think this special is a fairly accurate portrayal. Obviously, they can't show everything, but I think they give a pretty good picture of what happens....I ignorantly say while never being on a carrier! Anyone is welcome to share their thoughts or opinions to agree or disagree. I'm sure my readers are watching this show too, I mean come on, it's a PBS thriller! In any ordinary situation, eh hem, Matt not being recalled, I probably wouldn't be watching it unless, of course, Matt wanted to watch it with me and teach me about it all.

I'm thankful it's been on this week. I go to bed thinking of Matt somewhere out there working hard and fervently pray for his protection. I'm also very grateful for all the men and women's service to all of us Americans. Please continue to pray for our troops...for their body, mind, and soul.

*Words cannot express how much I love you Matt. Thank you for your hard work for our family and our country. Less than 2 1/2 months till you're back in the states! I can't wait!

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