Sunday, April 20, 2008

today is a significant day

I have to share this! Today is the half way point of this year apart for Matt and I! That is sooooo exciting for me, and for him too I think! 6 months ago today, my husband left home. In 6 months (and actually, there's a possibility it may be sooner, but I can't hold my breath) Matt will be home! Knowing we have half of this down, I can't help but smile. This hasn't gone quickly, and it certainly has not been "easy"; we have lived each day (and sometimes endured them). Throughout it all though, God has been gracious. The other good news is I should be able to see Matt again in July when he's back in California. I can't wait!!

*I love you Man! Thank you for your note today!

I'm holding your place!! We're still together even though we're apart! Till we're together again!!

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Megan said...

6 months to go but just think...July is only 3 months away!!!

We're praying for you both!