Thursday, April 17, 2008

our "new" blender thingy

Right now is one of those wonderful ahhh moments. I was thinking the other day how I could incorporate some more foods to meet my nutritious needs, and since it is soo nice out lately (it was in the 70's today, can you believe it??), I decided I would love some makings for a strawberry smoothie. Not only can I make one that gets my yogurt in (if you know me you know I'm a terrible milk drinker) and strawberries, my favorite fruit, and it is something that tastes wonderful. So, I'm using the kraft recipe with yogurt, strawberries, ice, and COOL Whip...another one of my favorite things! It is so worth it. There were some recipes that use soy milk. I wasn't too keen on that idea. If I have a hard time drinking regular milk, I would have a really hard time drinking that. Maybe you can't taste it in a smoothie. Anyway, this is delicous, and I'm going to be talking to Matt in just a little while. How could this be any better? ;) Ok, after I kill that nasty looking bug crawling across the floor, how could this get any better? I seriously could have an exterminator's license, certification or whatever they have. Maybe you just need the equipment? I usually use shoes. Someday, we'll live above the ground....ohhh, someday. I eat and dream.

Of course, the process of making this treat was an adventure and could've qualified for a good episode on Cooking Witb B. Growing up, we never owned a blender. To this day, I still have not owned a blender...persay...I sort of do now. I made lots of milkshakes but would just mix it up with a spoon. Ice is a little more difficult to work with. Matt's mom found out how much Matt and I enjoy our chocolate milkshakes, so she gave us some extra appliances they had. It's an Ultimate Chopper and Ultimate Blender combo. You have to attach both together to make the blender...maybe that's common knowledge...not for me! It was a learning experience in itself trying to put that together. The instructions give letters, A, B, C etc. but the pictures aren't labeled with letters...hmm. I finally got it hooked together and added the ingredients...yes, I did remember to put the lid on (I was worried I'd forget), and I turned it on. Boy was it loud! I thought our apartment was going to take off! It took several rounds of turning it on and adding some more ingredients because it is kind of a tiny thing and it warns against going above the fill line. So, I was so excited when I was done, I unscrewed it to pour it into my cup. Well, I unscrewed the pitcher part (which I did not know did NOT have a bottom...because that's where the blade is...go figure) and it all, well half, dumped out the bottom. Oops. I guess you're supposed to unscrew the bottom part attached to the chopper too. I still needed to pour it though, so I lifted it once again thinking I would just pour it and take care of the mess after. Yes, another not bright move as more slowly oozed out the bottom. I must have been distracted...that's it! I did end up with enough to make a nice large cup full, and then had to clean up that mess...just when I thought I had been successful at keeping the kitchen somewhat clean. It was worth it! So delicious. It uses sort of a lot of utensils but oh well. I am now familiar with our blender thing we got this almost a year ago!

*I love you! We don't have to mix with spoons anymore!!

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