Thursday, April 3, 2008


Ok, you might already know some of these things...but then again, you might not. They're not really secrets, but they're probably not widely known. A look in the life of Becky. Now, where do I start?

I like to write, but this is about all the writing I do these days. I used to keep a journal, but I haven't done that in awhile. Maybe I should write more.
I've never had a cavity, I never had braces, I don't wear glasses/contacts, I've never broken a bone...sometimes, I felt left out as a kid...haha. Now, I am thankful.
I had never been on an airplane until my freshman year of college. We went to nationals for Cross Country in Wisconsin (well, we flew to Chicago and drove to Kenosha). Since then, I've been to more airports than I ever dreamed I would, including that short trip to Hawaii. I really think our round trip flight was longer than our stay.
My first car was a 1993 (right?) Dodge Shadow. I called her Bobbin' Robin. First, the shocks were completely shot, hence the "Bobbin'." (Kind of like the Grapes of Math car from Veggie Tales). The color was bright blue like a Robin's egg...thanks to Bethany, "Robin" was added. It was definitely a little embarrassing as far as the looks go (she kept me humble..haha), but to be honest it was sad to see her go. She frowned till the end too. (umm, after an accident, the front bumper was like an upside down v)
When I was little, I was allergic to misquitos. The allergy came back for a summer several years ago again but has disappeared since. The misquito bites would swell up bigger than bee sting swells and would often get infected really easily. I actually had to take meds when I was at Covenant Acres Camp. I also was the queen of nurse visits at camp. Not a moment went by that I didn't have a bug in my eye, mouth, ears, or nose. Right, Laura? The nurse had to flush one out of my was crazy! Another tidbit, my dad was on the committee to start Covenant Acres...kinda cool. We used to have a camper there. My older brothers would camp, and Pete and I would stay with Mom and Dad in the camper. That big rubber slide always smelled like goose poop, but it was worth it. Can I get an amen, all you Covenant Acres campers? Oh, a raccoon got into one of the tents one year, and they had to shoot it?? Apparently, a girls' clothes were all bloodied up by the incident, so she had to borrow clothes from girls. She wore a pair of my shorts. I'm sure that's incredibly interesting to you all.
My hair has always been it's natural color...though Chrissy and I tried to color the tips of our hair grey with Grandma's stuff...what was it called? Yes, Shimmering Lights, I think it was!! Oh, I guess I used that spray on hair color stuff that washes out for a cross country it was green. If I blow dry my hair, you need to stand 3 feet away from me, or you'll be caught in a big fro bush. (Matt, remember that car ride home with the window down? hahaha That's one I won't share). Oh, to have straight hair again...yes, it was pin straight and thin when I was a little girl. I must've eaten too many carrots....that's what my mom always said, carrots will make your hair curl (I tried to avoid them and "lucky" for me, it worked).
My brothers and I would always give my mom a hard time when she called us morons (spelling?). Ok, she would tell us to, "put more on." We would laugh and say, "Mom said, moron." She was always cold, so naturally, we "were" too. I think I finally inherited that gene..the cold one.
I was born on a Friday night around 8:03 in brothers wanted to name me Daisy because of course, I was born during their favorite show The Dukes of Hazzard. Daisy ****** there's nails on a chalkboard. Phew, missed that one. However, my favorite flowers are daisies!
I was the star in a cooking show called "Cooking Witb B", yes, "witb." If you've never seen it, you'll have to go to my parents'. My mom often runs marathon "Cooking Witb B" shows when new people come over, or when Hannah and Abby request it. That was one of the funniest times ever of my childhood, and they were mostly real bloopers.
I like surprises, good surprises, but I often figure them out beforehand...and usually not on purpose! It's a frustration of mine. FRustration, not fustration.
Our first dog, Lady, was killed by coyotes in our backyard. She had an accident in the house, so her punishment was to spend that night outside. This usually solved the problem for awhile because she liked to be with the family. My parents had no idea there were coyotes...I had a hard time warming up to the idea of another dog after that, but Caleb is the best!
I don't like dancing. I'm warming up to it...sort of, only because I'm married to Matt. He really likes to dance, but it just isn't my thing. My family didn't dance. I don't know that they're against it (my mom went to dances in high school) just didn't happen. So, school dances weren't a thrill for me, and I didn't go to any till my senior ball. I was convinced (by friends) that I missed a lot at my junior prom, so I caved when I was asked. It wasn't a good experience for me, so I never wanted to dance again until I met my husband...until marriage. I did have a dream though of dancing with God. Since I'm not such a girly girl in that regard it may sound a little odd or cheesey...but it was beautiful. It was like a wedding day, I was wearing white (no, I don't really know what He looked like), but I had no fear or shame or sense of ridiculousness. It was only us. It was kind of like being a child dancing with your father. I know I'm not doing a good job depicting this, but that's ok. You need to have your own dream anyway. It was very moving for me. I was able to experience a glimpse of how He sees me, how He loves me. I sometimes wonder how it's different for guys and in their love for God. I don't mean for girls it's a romantic love (this was not a worldly type of romantic love dream...let me make that clear), but I don't picture guys having a dream of dancing with God. I do think He shows special times of His love for us in different ways though. Men and women are just created so differently, yet compliment each other...I think that's so neat. So, the first time Matt and I danced together was at home after our wedding. Our first kiss was also the day of our wedding...despite a memorable, "Yeah Right!" from a member of the congregation.
When I was a kid, I was very talkative and didn't mind being the center of attention. I wasn't very shy either. This may be a shocker to most, but it's true. I had my share of needing my seat moved, both at school and Sunday School for talking. Yes, I could've even been seen at the principal's office. I laughed and loved to laugh, but sometimes, I said hurtful things to others or about others...that I sincerely regret. I had a "boyfriend" as early as 4th grade and was headed a bit down the fast lane. Thankfully, as I grew a little older, I realized I needed to be more wise with my words and actions. Sometime in middle school I quieted down and focused more on my relationship with God. I decided no more boyfriends till at least 17, but even then, it had to be someone who would possibly, ultimately, become my husband. I never told anyone this, just between me and God. 17 came and went, college came and almost went, till Matt came along. It was a tough wait at times, and sometimes I wondered if I would ever meet anybody, but I waited for God to send the one He had prepared. He was so worth it! Matt was the first "guy" I ever dated...was in a courting relationship with. I wouldn't change that for anything. He had to work a little for me, but I knew I only wanted a man who would pursue me, not me him. Matt had just the right handshake, looked me in the eye when he talked to me, stood respectfully, spoke with my parents...and he thought I had a boyfriend!...haha...because I was guarded. He told me much later that he walked away from meeting me saying under his breath, "Whoever he is (referring to my "boyfriend"), he's a lucky guy." 4 months later, long after finding out I was indeed single, he had the courage to call.
There are several things Matt owns that I am not particularly fond of, which have become a big joke in this household. First, his favorite pair of orange brown socks. I have no idea where he could've gotten them, unless they're about 40 years old. Second, these huge mink blankets. Third, a pair of white worn out puma shoes, especially when worn with white pants and a white shirt (worn his first Sunday home). I'm no fashion diva, but ohhhh boy. Fourth, "the suit." I thought he was crazy when he came home from the military (the first time) wearing this ugly, ugly shiny suit with faces all over it and a fur coat thing. He had his hair slicked back. Honestly, I was going over in my head how I was going to tell him I changed my mind about "us" after that. He looked like a pompous, rich, pimp? He really likes to see reactions out of people. He got one! Thankfully, he showed up in jeans, a t-shirt and dickies shirt for our first official date...So, another secret, sometimes I smell the Polo Sport cologne he has. I don't believe he has worn it since the day he came home in that suit, but when I smell it with him gone, it reminds me of him. My other favorite scent is his body wash...Dial Spring Rain or something...definitely a favorite of mine.
Matt and I have a special thing about acorns. I saved some from a park that backs up to his house because my family goes there every year...and I had no idea till those first few months we were "talking" that Matt lived so close to the park and liked it to. I almost sent them to him (out to Hawaii) and later learned it was a good thing I didn't because it's illegal to brings seeds from the mainland. So, I put them in a little treasure box for Matt as one of his Christmas presents that first year (he was home by then) with the verse from Isaiah 61: "They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor." I really like the verses about being strong in the Lord, being like trees by water or that bear fruit, and oaks are just so solid. As a wedding gift, I gave him "The Oak Inside the Acorn" by Max Lucado. I embroidered a pillowcase for Matt before he left and there's an acorn on it with that verse from Isaiah referenced. We hope to plant some of those acorns from the park...(we'll see if they grow) when we move into our first house.
105 days left until Matt's back in the states. Of course, that's an estimated countdown because I don't really know, but I need numbers!
Ok, that's probably more than enough for now.

*You make me smile and laugh Man! No, I haven't thrown away your socks! I love you!!

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